7 Guidelines on how to keep your workspace safe from covid 19

Charlotte Miller

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7 Guidelines on how to keep your workspace safe from covid 19

Covid-19 also called the coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by WHO. Getting back to your workspace after the two years we spent in this deathly pandemic is not easy. But eventually, we all need to get back to our work. Even though the entire thing hasn’t been resolved, we’re still trying to get back to our normal lives, and as an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your workspace is safe for you and your co-workers to work in. Health and well-being are the number one concern at this time. Let’s look at these tips to be safe and secure.

Guidelines to ensure safety from the virus in your workplace

Life after the covid pandemic demands immense care and restrictions but towards all good measures. The safety and wellbeing of you and your coworkers can be secured by following a few steps and precautions by taking care of the tiny touches-

  • Restriction the usage of Biometric Scanners- 

The biometric sensors are supposed to be input by every single member of the company to mark his or her attendance. To do so you need to put your finger on the sensor and it senses it. This should be avoided at all costs during the pandemic. As everyone will be touching the sensors causing unsafe measures.

  • Continous Sanitization and disinfecting-

There should be continuous sanitization and disinfecting of the workspace floor. All the desks and the computers should be sanitized and cleaned after usage and in the morning before office hours as well. There should be individual bottles of sanitisers on every desk and in the lifts, proper dustbins to dispose of waste. You can buy a high-end carpet cleaner machine from a trusted company in Australia. Learn more.

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  • WFH(Work from home as much as possible)-

You should try to appoint more work from home hours and lesser hours in the workspace. Only attend office hours if extremely necessary. Many companies have noticed that a lot of electricity was saved since the work from home algorithm as people were using their personal computers and wifi at home. Which makes it better for safety as well.

  • Washing hands in a proper way-

This should be practised in every place that too in a proper way amongst the employees. Hand washing for at least 25 to 30 seconds to completely clean them by rubbing them against each other washing between fingers, cleaning under your nails and the rings if you wear them. This will keep safety measures in check as well.

  • Rearranging office so as to follow social distancing

Social distancing is a must in today’s date. The workspace should be   rearranged in such a way that the coworkers are able to breathe and sit in their personal space without getting disturbed or scared

  • Wearing masks-

Wearing masks is very essential and should be practised with or without the virus as it is a very safe measure and is easily accessible.

  • No physical conference meetings on virtual-

This might cause a strain in a few businesses but technologies can be used for video conferences and on-call meetings and interview sessions which are easy to attend to with just a touch on the cell phone.

We understand that a lot of businesses have backtracked due to the covid. We all are slowly returning back to our workspaces and this time it’s harder to do so because everyone has turned lazy and lethargic. Many precautions need to be taken to stay safe and healthy also there should be no spreading of fake messages. Let’s take care of ourselves and our fellow workers for a better tomorrow.

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