How can managers benefit from a staff rostering app?

Charlotte Miller

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By utilising an AI staff rostering app, HR and scheduling managers can reduce staff shortages, eliminate hours of phone calls trying to fill shifts and remove excessive administration tasks from their job descriptions. The app allows managers to access rosters and staffing availability on any device and any location with internet connectivity.

With the installation of an employment rostering software app your business manager will have time to concentrate on improving systems and workplace flow and increasing productivity. 

Easy and open workforce engagement

Managers find that when staff have input into their roster, they feel more positive about their jobs and the company which in turn leads to better customer experiences and higher levels of productivity for the firm. Staff engagement is made easier with a staff rostering app, providing dashboard visibility of rostered hours to all team members from their own devices and site.  Staff can use the app to independently swap shifts with other team members, block out leave and take ownership of their hours.  

Convenience and communication

As well as simplifying roster publishing and shift swapping shifts, the staff rostering app also features options for the manager to launch shift offers without the need to contact staff individually. 

The messaging feature is also a great benefit to roster managers, allowing seamless communication such as group messages within the app. When operating a shift based, remote workforce, a staff rostering app keeps everyone in the loop at all times. 

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Risk management

The automated rostering capability feature of the staff rostering app helps managers decrease risk of both lack of compliance and human error.  An award interpretation engine ensures regulatory compliance and the application of award rates. The app can integrate with existing payment systems, matching clocked on hours with pay.  Staff can clock on either on mobile devices or at kiosks using facial or palm vein recognition for heightened accuracy.  Managers can have peace of mind that over or under pay of staff will be an unlikely occurrence. 

Use data to optimise staff 

Data collection and reporting assists managers in allocating staff in line with company goals. The manager can redesign processes and make improvements based on data analysis.  The extensive collection of real time data contributes towards the best distribution of staff across all branches.

Training and progress 

Having real time visibility of staff presenteeism, absenteeism and performance can assist managers to allocate training sessions, ensuring all staff receive equal time to enhance skills and receive certification. Keeping staff upskilled improves staff retention and makes it easier for managers to roster staff according to Health and Safety regulations. 

The staff rostering app eliminates time managers spend on manual rostering, emailing and phone calls to find staff to cover shifts.  It also reduces excessive administration tasks which can be taken care of within the app.  Utilising employment scheduling software allows managers to make full use of their workforce, increase flexibility for staff and improve staff engagement which in turn improves productivity across the entire business. 

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