7 Tips to Enjoy Your Time in Singapore Zoo 

Juliet D'cruz

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Singapore has almost everything in store for everyone who visits this country. From lots of shopping options, plenty of local foods to try and of course exquisite touristy spots. One of the must-visit places in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss if you have chance to go to this country again is their zoo; the Singapore Zoo.

This internationally acclaimed zoo is one of the best places to enjoy the nature, see various animals in their almost identical habitat and experience lots of fun activities inside. To ensure you have the best time while in Singapore Zoo, here are 7 tips to consider, whether you go there with friends or kids.

  1. Buy the tickets online

Save your time and money by booking the tickets online. It will also save you from the possible long queue at the ticket booth should you choose to buy it on the spot. You can try looking for Singapore Zoo promotion online to grab the best deals to visit this wildlife reserve. 

You can check their own website or use other booking services such as Traveloka to book the tickets easily. Oftentimes, you can bag some awesome deals when buy the ticket online because usually the platform will give an extra discount for a certain payment amount.

  1. Plan ahead

One of the most important things to remember if you want to visit this zoo is to plan ahead. Singapore Zoo occupies a 28 hectares area which is huge and requires hours if you want to visit each section and enclosure. You might be able to circle it back and forth, but if you go with children, it is best to plan which area to visit so that they won’t be too tired and start a meltdown in the middle of the zoo.

This zoo has many wonderful animal shows where you can see them playing some tricks with their trainers. You can also feed animals here. But the thing is, each animal show and feeding happen in different parts of the zoo at different times. So you really need to plan your day at this zoo to not miss any animal shows that you wish to see. You can feed the rhino here, by the way!

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  1. Arrive early

Because it will take quite hours to explore the whole part of the zoo, it is best to arrive early close to its opening time which is 8.30 am. It will be cooler and won’t be as crowded as the zoo is supposed to be. You will have more space for yourself and family to walk around the reserve and meet the animals.

If you bring your kid and don’t have a stroller, you can rent one here to save a lot of hassle because toddlers won’t like to walk for more than 2 hours, right?

  1. Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellant

Even though the zoo has many shaded areas, the weather can be really hot so you need to apply sunscreen before reaching this place. Bring along insect repellant spray or lotion to keep unwanted bugs off your skin. You know, being in the jungle setting, bugs and mosquitos can really bother your visit here. So prepare these two things and you are good to go.

  1. Bring change of clothes for the kids

If you come with your kids, don’t forget to bring extra clothes and swimmers because they will have a chance to cool off at the water playground in the Rainforest Kidzworld area.

  1. Pack your food and snack

Even if there are dining options inside this zoo, sometimes it is just too crowded to get a table. So save your time by packing your own food and snacks to enjoy during the visit here. Just don’t litter and watch out for wild macaques that often target visitor’s plastic bags and prams for food.

  1. Bring your own bottle

Don’t underestimate your need for water when visiting this zoo. Hot and humid conditions will lead you to feel thirst faster than usual. So bring your own bottle and then refill it up at the dispensers available here; much cheaper than buying a drink from the vending machines or kiosk and café here. 

Even if travelling is not advisable at the moment, you can always plan ahead because we won’t be in this pandemic setting forever, right?

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