Debunking the Most Common Cold Calling Myths That Exist Today

Juliet D'cruz

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For a sales technique that’s been around for so long, cold calling still has surprisingly many myths attached to it.

If you asked five marketers what they think about cold calling, two will say it doesn’t work. Why? Chances are, they’re too caught up in the myths about cold calling and never tried it themselves.

Now, what about the other three people? Well, they’ll likely tell you all about the success they’ve had with this approach! Here are the four most common cold calling myths and why they’re wrong.

Salespeople Must Be Aggressive

In sales, being aggressive is a good quality to have. Aggressive salespeople don’t let setbacks prevent them from pursuing new opportunities. They make sure that every second they spend on the job is productive.

Unfortunately, many salespeople mistake being aggressive with being pushy. If the prospect isn’t interested, they keep nagging them hoping they’ll give in. Here’s a short guide on how to communicate with prospects while cold calling.

You Have to Avoid the Gatekeeper

The term “gatekeeper” usually refers to receptionists and personal assistants. If you’re cold calling their boss, the gatekeeper may decide you’re not worth their time. As a result, many salespeople try to work over or around them to get to the boss.

What you should do instead is try to win the gatekeeper over. Most of these people have a lot of influence in their companies, which makes them valuable allies.

How do you win them over? Be nice, respectful, and don’t insist on what you have to offer. If your proposal is relevant to the company’s needs, the gatekeeper won’t mind connecting you to the boss.

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More Calls Equals More Sales

If a company sees cold calling as a numbers game, they’ll try to schedule as many calls as possible. This is the opposite of what smart marketing is about. Sales may be a numbers game, but it’s also about the right numbers.

Let’s assume you spend a lot of time creating your lead list. These lists are likely the result of your best lead generation strategies. If you go through the leads too quickly, you’re burning revenue.

Think of your leads as assets. By taking good care of them, you’ll make the most out of each connection. Getting five appointments out of 20 calls is better than ten appointments on 100 calls.

No One Enjoys Cold Calls

This one is more of a half-truth than a complete myth. Many people do hate receiving cold calls, but this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. If you focus on cold calling qualified leads, you’ll likely see plenty of interest.

Also, cold calling is all about your marketing persona. If the call sounds scripted or mechanical, it’s unlikely to entice a potential customer. One big advantage of cold calling is that it humanizes sales, so keep your prospect’s needs in mind.

More on Cold Calling

Even in this digital age, cold calling can be a key part of a company’s sales strategy. If you let these four myths stop you from giving this approach a chance, you may be losing valuable revenue.

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