8 GoGoPDF’s Basic Functions To Help You Accomplish Your Online Tasks

Juliet D'cruz

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Most of the given tasks now happen online. We cannot deny that we live in the digital age where most works can be accomplished in just a few clicks away. Take for example how business and academic fields operate nowadays. Most employers and professors require their employees and students to submit their papers or vice versa. 

In working with their digital papers, they sometimes need to convert them into another format, get them secured, or compress them. In doing these tasks, they should rely on the most advanced and safest technology to keep these files away from potential risks. GoGoPDF site is here to serve them for free. Check these site’s basic functions. 

Word To PDF Converter

The functions of PDF are endless. This is the reason why most students and even professionals nowadays opt to convert their Word document to PDF. The format is also universal. Thus, they can access the file whenever and wherever they wish. If you have Word files on your device and want to convert them into PDF, GoGoPDF will serve you for free. 

To start converting your Word, you have to upload your documents first to its Word to PDF converter box, and allow the tool to begin and complete the process. When finished, download the output on your desktop, and expect a top-quality resolution. 

Compress PDF 

If you also wish to reduce your PDFs’ size without affecting their original quality, you can use this particular tool from GoGoPDF. The service is free. You just have to upload the PDFs and let the tool compress them. GoGoPDF is generated on the Cloud. Thus, no installation is needed or even registration. As long as your tablet, phone, or PC has a stable WiFi or data connection, you are good to go. 

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Repair PDF

Instantly fix your damaged PDFs using this repair PDF tool by GoGoPDF. Damaged files are frustrating, but GoGoPDF is there to help you. Fixing PDFs has never been easy, but with GoGoPDF, you can get these files repaired in just a few clicks of a button. 

Split PDF

GoGoPDF’s split PDF tool will surely help you a lot if you need to resolve your PDFs. The tool will efficiently split or eliminate unnecessary data from your document. Even after the split, the tool will preserve the original context and layout of the file. Simply upload the PDFs that you wish to split pages from and start the process. 

Edit PDF

You can either drop your files when accessing this tool on your PC. If you are using your mobile device, choose your document directly from your folder. You can begin the whole editing process after you have selected your document. You are free to add text, photos, and even shapes. 

PDF Reader

You can also read and review your PDF files by simply visiting the GoGoPDF website. This web-based platform lets you open and reads your documents on your desktop or mobile device for free. GoGoPDF has a number of beneficial and efficient features you can choose from. 

You are free to renumber sections or zoom in to a portion file. It also allows users to display two pages at the moment. Simply upload your documents to its toolbox, or you can also get them from your Google Drive and Dropbox to start viewing them. 

Unlock PDF

The website also provides a free unlock PDF tool for your passworded document. This is especially beneficial for people who keep forgetting their passwords quickly. This tool allows you to remove password security without any problems as long as your device is connected to a stable internet connection. Rest assured that GoGoPDF will never harm your confidential data. 

eSign PDF

You are also free to sign your PDFs using GoGoPDF’s service without even a single complexity. GoGoPDF has been designed to make your life easier. This eSign PDF tool helps you digitally add your signature. 

No need to use a physical pen. All you need to use your computer mouse to input your signature. After a few seconds, you can save your newly signed PDFs and use them for whatever purposes you may have. 


Managing your digital documents can be difficult sometimes, especially if you haven’t found the right tool for your needs. However, when it comes to GoGoPDF, everything becomes handy. You can easily manage your files in just a few taps and modify them wherever and whenever you wish. You don’t have to pay for its service; all tools are free to use. 

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