9 reasons to use custom keychains to promote your brand

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9 reasons to use custom keychains to promote your brand

Definition of brand awareness: brand awareness is the extent to which consumers can recognize the characteristics of brands, goods, and services. A high recognition rate means that there are more customers who can recognize your brand when they see it.

  1. The time-tested promotional items

Products have been using artificial keys for decades now. They are some of the most popular promotional items, such as banners pens, mugs, and shirts.

In fact, both large companies and smbs use custom keychains for the purpose of marketing their brand. So, it’s safe to say that traditional keys aren’t going away anytime soon.

Tip: buy a lot of these and keep them in stock so you always have extra promotional items to hand out no matter what season it is. There’s never a bad time to give some key boosts. In fact, you can use these instead of business cards if they have your contact information.

Definition of smb: the acronym smb stands for small and medium businesses. Generally, businesses with less than 100 employees fall under the category of ‘small.’ meanwhile, companies with less than 1,000 may fall under the category of medium-sized companies.

  1. Custom portable keychains

The best promotional items are those that your customers can freely carry. What’s the point of giving promotional items that are too heavy to carry outside the house, right?

Fortunately, custom keychains are very portable. They are so small that they hardly weigh your pocket.

Also, customers don’t have to remember to bring these things before they leave the house. They just have to attach it to their keys, bags, or purses.

  1. They have a long life

All advertising has a long life. Whether it’s a 30-second television commercial or a promotional hoodie with your logo printed on it, there will come a time when it no longer serves its purpose.

Fortunately, traditional keys have a very long life, unlike promotional items that lose their purpose when expectations overwhelm them.

That’s because most people don’t throw away little knick-knacks like these. Once they strap it to their keys, you can guarantee it will be with them for at least a few months.

  1. These keychains are highly customizable promotional goods

Custom keychains are like blank slates. You can put any design, color, or pattern you want on the printed keys you plan to distribute.

This gives brands the opportunity to strategically place valuable information on them. In fact, you can even put your contact information and business address on a custom key.

Of course, keep in mind that you need to create a good design that will catch your attention. What’s the use of printing your contact information on a promotion key if none of your prospects will look, right?

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  1. The products are different

When deciding what promotional items to offer, you need to think about what your market needs. Of course, providing industry-specific, targeted items is great, but you shouldn’t forget universal items like custom keys.

Unlike other promotional items, custom keychain is suitable for a wide range of customers. In fact, everyone, from students to senior executives, has a custom key tool.

Tip: if you want to target a specific audience, you can choose to customize the design on your custom keychains. For example, if you are targeting young boys, then you can choose loud, colorful designs that you think they would like.

  1. Custom keychains functional items

The best things to promote are those that provide value to their customers. Otherwise, they are just useless pieces of junk that just end up in the trash bin.

Fortunately, custom keychains are very functional items that serve a practical purpose. Think about it, who doesn’t have at least one or two keys they need to bring every day?

  1. So-called cost-effective materials

What makes traditional locks great is the fact that they are very expensive. Despite their work and performance, you can buy a little less than a pound.

Plus, if you buy them in bulk, then you can shave a few extra pounds off the total price. So, you are already buying years of advertising for less than a pound.

But keep in mind that finding cheap keys should not be your goal. Try to find cheap but strong traditional locks.

Although they are more expensive than the others, a few extra pennies is a very small price to pay for durability that will last many years.

  1. They can create openings

If you want to increase your sales at the trade fair, then you need to attract more customers. But in a busy situation, it is impossible to hold someone’s attention for more than a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can use promotional items like a custom keychain to attract more visitors to your booth.

For example, you can have a few of your sales reps handing out your customized keys. Once they stop to look, that should be your cue to go in and take the plunge.

Also, it would be great if you used a design that would really stop someone in their tracks. For example, you can print a puzzle on your keychain and have your customers answer it.

Of course, you have to entice them with a reward to get them to participate. Something simple, like discount coupons, can be overwhelming.

  1. It’s easy to share

Custom keychains are very small, lightweight items that you can easily share wherever you are. Whether it’s on the streets, at a booth, or during an event, you can easily share one or two keys with ease.

Custom keychains are an irreplaceable form of promotional material, so brands should consider making them part of their marketing strategy. Overall, businesses should not stop at just one type of promotion.

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