A Work Of Art: 5 Interesting Facts About Longines Watches That You Should Know 

Juliet D'cruz

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Longines has been producing visually attractive timepieces for both men and women since its foundation in 1832. The brand is widely known for its fashion and sports timepieces that are both regarded as a significant work of art. 

In the entire watch-making industry, the brand also has the oldest registered trademark for a luxury watch. Longines has a rich history. Ahead of the things that have been mentioned, here are the other top facts that you have to know about this top-performing brand. 

The Brand Is Named After A Roadside Location

Unlike other luxury brands you have known that are named after its founders, Longines is actually established after a roadside location. Ernest Francillon took over the business and established the first-ever manufacturing plant. 

The construction that was designed to house all of the individual components was in Saint-Imier, a neighborhood known as Es Longines. Ernest eventually adopted this location as the company’s brand. 

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Serves As Kentucky Derby’s Official Timekeeper

Since its establishment in 1875, the Kentucky Derby, also recognized as the speediest two minutes in sport, has been the longest-running sports period in American history.  Every year, more than 160 000 attendees often come to witness the event, and the recognition that the brand receives as the formal timekeeper is hugely beneficial for Longines. 

Featured In James Bond Films

Almost everyone has probably seen any of James Bond films, but have you ever spotted the Longines on the characters’ wrists? Doctor Hall, in a film entitled ‘Skyfall,’ can be seen wearing a Longines Evidenza on his wrist. You can also notice a Longines timepiece on Mads Mikkelsen’s wrist from the Casino Royale movie, which truly suits his character. 

Offers Multiple Sponsorship Every Year

Longines is the only luxury brand that actively participates in various sporting sponsorships. Each year, over a  total of 40 events are held. Their primary emphasis is on equestrian events, and these include horse jumping, FEI World Equestrian Games, and horse racing to mention a few. The brand is not just made to complete your fashion bucket-list. 

The Longines’ Museum Has A Secret Room

A hidden space within the museum is only accessible to some of the museum’s staff.  Only staff members with privileged access are permitted to enter this secret room. This particular section houses various watch mechanisms and materials down to the smallest wires and screws. 

Some Of The Best Longines Watches That You Should Try

Longines has continued to expand its vintage to modern collections. Longines’ Spirit widely represents the first comprehensive and valuable meeting of past and future. There is, however, something more to the brand. Check out these timepieces that you must try for a better fashion. 

Longines Spirit 40mm

When it comes to the crème de la crème of Longines, who could forget the brand’s new Spirit collection?  While the Longines Spirit series is worth exploring in-depth, this Spirit 40mm with a blue dial with a blue leather bracelet stands out from the rest members of the luxurious family. The whole blue aesthetic look gives you a more elegant appeal. 

Record Australian Limited Edition

The Record series was the most recent to be released prior to the current Spirit collection. Longines also decided to develop an Australian limited edition of this collection this year, allowing the Longines Record Australian Limited Edition to bloom. With a diameter of 38.5mm, it is suitable for both males and females. Hence, grab yours now!

HydroConquest Green

Longines HydroConquest collection widely represents Longines’ concept of no-nonsense, robustly designed, and reasonably priced dive timepieces. We’ve seen it in a variety of ways, from a steel wristband to an entire black-colored ceramic case. 

This palette of muted, nearly military green has gained popularity in recent years, providing a refreshing reprieve from the timeless beauty of black and blue dive timepieces. The model’s simple yet attractive design surely grabs everyone’s attention. 

Heritage Classic Chronograph “Tuxedo” Dial

This Longines Heritage Classic Chronograph with a “tuxedo” dial proves that the brand is worth investing for. Its 40mm steel case is a good diameter for contemporary tastes, and it has a silvered-colored dial with a black ring across the hour track in great contrast. 


The brand’s rich history makes Longines a worth timepiece to own. Its classic to modern aesthetics attracts thousands of watch enthusiasts worldwide. If you are planning to own some, you can consider the top collection mentioned above. Match it with your suit or dress, and for sure, your fashion will stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

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