Mind-Blowing Reasons Why You Need To Visit Bangkok

Juliet D'cruz

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Thailand’s capital city (Bangkok) attracts large numbers of people across the world every year. It is one of the unique places, full of beauty and character. Despite being the biggest city in Thailand, it has a unique set of characters with historical traditions and architecture. It is a city packed with lots of excitement, chaos, adventure, and beauty. And with gigantic skyscrapers, temples, a world-renowned floating market, and grand palaces, it continues to entice hundreds of thousand travelers from around the globe. Below are some of the reasons you need to consider visiting Bangkok city;

Rich History And Culture

Thailand is full of impressive temples, but the best and most popular is, Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) and the Temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). These temples are bursting with culture and colorfully decorated spikes. It is home to many ruins, and its history, such as Thai Puppetry performance and Thai dancing, are found in Thailand’s many art forms. The delicate beauty of the Grand Palace along with the river attracts the most traveled tourist. With incredible architecture and intricate details, one can lose his/herself in the temples and cultural sculptures that flow within.

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The Thai Food

Visitors in Thailand and Bangkok should never eat the same dish twice since Thai food is so delicious and diverse. Even the cuisine changes with the location change, making food options interesting as they move around the city. It gives the most world-famous food such as Pad Thai and Tom Yum.

The People

Venturing in this country is less intimidating as Thai people are traditionally friendly or regarded to be so. The nation seems to be overall friendly and with a chilled vibe to it. And with incredible weather, this city has a unique mixture of character and beauty. The locals are friendly, polite, and very helpful, making Thailand be nicknamed ‘The Land of Smiles.’

Cost Of Travelling 

With different modes of transportation available in Bangkok, traveling around is very cheap. The presence of budget-friendly airlines such as AirAsia, buses, trains, and TukTuk, which look bizarre, makes traveling incredibly affordable. And with the presence of floating markets, the rivers still play a vital role in transportation around the city. The boat taxis and high-speed tours offer a slight difference to the town.

Tallest Building It The Country

The famous Sky Bar and hotel offer a breathtaking view of the city. It is the tallest building in the country and standing 88 stories high. With a 360-degree viewpoint at the top, it provides a fantastic view of the whole town.

With backpacking scenes, a nightlife that visitors can only imagine, religious and lunar calendar festivals such as the Songkran, and the presence of bargains, Bangkok should be the first stop in your itinerary before moving to southern Asia. It’s a city of surprises with red-light districts, sky bars, art galleries, and temples. It’s a city that offers so much, from exciting historical sites, exotic wildlife, magnificent temples, and world-famous food. Bangkok is a place worth visiting,

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