Abetment Meaning: Meaning & Definition 

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Abetment Meaning: Meaning & Definition 

Are you here to learn the abetment meaning after searching it a lot? You may read abetment word in the book or the newspaper but you may not be aware of its meaning. If not then don’t be panic here we are going to learn and understand its meaning in detail. Abetment is a mostly used word. Without any time delay let’s start to learn and understand what is the meaning & definition of abetment.

Abetment Meaning

Abetment means the act of supporting or uplifting someone to do something wrong or illegal.  

Abetment Meaning In Law

In law, abetment means promoting a person into committing an offense. In other words, adding the offender while he is committing a crime. When more than one person is involved in committing an offense, each person’s involvement may vary. 

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Abetment Synonyms

Following are some synonyms are given,

  • Decrease
  • Decline
  • Lessening
  • Reduction
  • Allowance
  • Discount
  • Deduction
  • Diminution
  • Myosis
  • Rebate
  • Relaxation
  • Subsidence

Define Abetment

The definition of abetment is an IPCe needs a person to assist the commission of an offense. 

Abetting Meaning

Abetting means actively assisting or supporting in the achievement of a crime. For example, the singer was abetted by a skillful accompanist

Abetment By Aid Requires

This abetment may happen in any of the three methods as

  • Intentionally aiding a person to do that thing. 
  • Instigating a person to do that thing
  • Engaging with another person in a conspiracy to do that thing

Abetment Definition

The abetment is defined as the act of supporting or uplifting someone to do something wrong or illegal, such acts will be considered as abetment to fraud. 


What Is The Punishment For Abetment?

As per section 115, if abatement is for the offense punishable with death or imprisonment for life and no express provision for its punishment is made, the abettor shall be punished as under-

  • If the offense is not committed then 7 years and fine
  • If an act done causes hurt to any person then 14 years and fine. 

Who Is An Abettor In Law?

An abettor is a person who assists either the mission of an office or the mission of an act which would be an offense if committed by a person capable of the law of committing an offense with the same intention.

What IPC 107?

IPC 107 which includes, a person who, intended concealment of a material fact which he is bound to disclose, voluntarily causes, or attempts to cause, a thing to be done, is said to start the doing of that thing. 

Which IPC Section Is Most Dangerous?

Section 300 is the most dangerous section of IPC. If the person performing the act knows that it must, in all chance, cause death, or such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, and performs such act without any excuse for suffering the risk of causing death. 

What Does Abetted Mean In Law?

Primary tabs. Aid and Abet means to assist someone in committing or to encourage someone to commit a crime. Generally, an aider and abettor is criminally liable to the same extent as the person committing the crime.


Above we have studied the detailed meaning of abetment in simple language and also the definition of abetment. Abetment word is related to crime therefore this word is mostly used in courts and the constitution. I hope this article fulfills your needs and you are satisfied after taking a look at this. After reading this article you will understand the meaning of abetment and you won’t need to learn abetment meaning again in the future. 

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