Redesigning A Balcony? Don’t Go Any Further Until You’ve Read Our Tips!

Juliet D'cruz

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Balconies are a wonderful addition to any house, particularly if you have one in your bedroom. If you have a balcony and you’re thinking of redesigning it, then don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get the balcony of your dreams! This is precious outdoor space, from which you can get a great view of the world, so no expense should be spared when you are planning the redesign. We’ve got loads of great ideas and style tips for your balcony – read on to get some inspiration!

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Your balcony should be a little haven of comfort and tranquility, and this means that your seating should be luxurious as well as stylish. Choose a beautiful wrought iron table and outdoor chair set, and add some designer cushions to make them a little more comfortable. If you have slightly more space, then consider some conservatory furniture such as a rattan sofa. Choose neutral colors, and brighten the space up with vibrantly colored rugs and cushions. Make sure that there are enough chairs to be able to seat your guests when they pop round.


There are all sorts of options when it comes to balcony flooring. Some people opt for an artificial grass, or an outdoor carpet. Others choose to lay down linoleum or cork tiles, and some people choose to push the boat right out and go for marble or stone tiles. Throwing down a comfortable and colorful rug will really set off the balcony and help to make it look really cozy. The trick is to find flooring that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Plant It Up!

A balcony should be literally dripping with plants and flowers for a truly romantic look. Plant up window boxes, and consider training a climbing plant such as clematis to grow around the railings. Hanging baskets also look really great. Whatever you choose, make sure it is bursting with lots of different colors and types of plants. It’s even a great spot to grow herbs and chili. You will be able to grow different things depending on how much sun and shade the balcony gets, so it may be trial and error for a while.

The Finishing Touches

The doors to the balcony should be in great shape and really clean for a perfect view. If yours are looking a little tired then consider getting brand new doors hung. Go for a stylish wooden frame with an attractive handle. You’ll also need to put up some beautiful lighting for those long evenings, and perhaps a few candles and tea lights dotted around the place too. Think about buying some stylish art to hang up on the walls. If you can find one, a little bookcase is a great idea too – you can store your favorite books in it, while using the top as a place to pop a mug of coffee.

Once you have created your perfect balcony, it’s time to sit back, put your feet up and sip on an ice-cold gin and tonic! Enjoy your new-found haven.

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