Christmas Cross-Stitch Projects: Ideas for Holiday Joy 

Juliet D'cruz

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No matter how you celebrate this time of year, it’s always a joyous time. Whether you are celebrating Christmas with your family or alone, something about Christmas gets us all in the holiday spirit. If you are looking for new Christmas cross stitch projects to do this holiday season, below is some ideas. Take a look!  

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  1. Gift Tags:There are a few ways to make tags for gifts, but the best way is with perforated paper. You can consider Christmas cross stitch kitsto create gift tags. String and thread them onto your gift of choice or use left-over pieces from another project as you stitch on these stickers if their size allows it.  
  2. Xmas stocking for the children or decoration: Why not make Xmas stockings for children for those who want to give a gift that’s more than just material? It is an easy project and can be fun if you look into which design your child would like. Buy one ready-made plain stocking by searching on Google.  
  3. Cards: Simple charts can be used to decorate the front of a standard card, or they could even go inside another type of invitation, such as an aperture card. Another idea for those who want something more tangible is stitching on perforated paper and sticking it with glue to stick securely.  
  4. Napkins: Napkins are an important element of any dinner party, but they can also be used to decorate your home. Using waste canvas, decorate your normal linen napkin with a small design in the corner to add some extra flair for special occasions. 
  5. Christmas bunting: Use plastic canvas to make your very own Christmas banner. Stitch each letter on individual triangles once complete and connect them using string or ribbon, then display it in an entrance hall for the best effect.  
  6. Tree decorations: Tree decorations are a great way to decorate your tree, stitch onto fabric or even weave. Cut the shape of the bauble and back with felt for an extra festive decoration that will stand out against other branches without being too heavy on them. There is also cardstock between each cross-stitch layer for those looking towards stability before adding another piece as a backing material.  
  7. Drinks coasters:The best way to keep your furniture looking new is by using coasters. A drink coaster will prevent liquids from ruining the finish on any surface. They are not expensive enough that you can buy several sets in various colours or shapes.  


Did you know that giving someone a handmade item tells them it has been made with love? There are so many projects to make for Christmas, including tags and decorations. Cross stitching can be used in any crafting project because who doesn’t love turning pieces into something beautiful.  

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