Plants As Gifts: Meanings And Benefits

Juliet D'cruz

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Some people feel overwhelmed when shopping for a gift simply because they usually convey meanings. It also represents how you feel towards the person receiving them. Aside from this, you should also choose something valuable and make the receiver happy when they unwrap it. If you’ve been handing them the same gifts each year, you might want to try giving them plants.

Plants are known to purify the air, and they instantly uplift the home’s interior atmosphere. These are certain benefits your receiver could enjoy when you give them a plant.  Before you shop and save on beautiful plants purchased online, get yourself familiar with their definitions, meanings, and benefits.

Spider Plant 

The Spider plant symbolizes mindfulness and health, and their new owner will be grateful for your thoughtfulness when they discover what this plant represents. When you take a look at this plant anytime, you’ll be reminded to assess your health both in physical and mental aspects.

If the recipient needs an air purifier in a home with a lot of light, then these are a perfect choice for them. In addition to cleaning the air, the plant also removes environmental toxins. Spider plants also look great physically. Thus, they can be displayed in the living room or bedroom. 

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Pilea Peperomioides 

Pilea Peperomioides, also called the Chinese money plant or coin plant, symbolizes financial success and wealth. Planting a coin in the soil alongside this plant is said to attract wealth.  This is because it has thin stems that end in large, rounded leaves that resemble coins.  A coin plant that truly thrives will just need bright indirect light and a period between watering.

In addition to being low maintenance, the Chinese Money Plant is increasingly becoming more popular as a house plant. This is because it purifies indoor air and propagates easily. Plus, there are many ways to decorate a house with this plant. 

Bamboo Plant 

Lucky bamboo is commonly used as a Feng Shui gift in various parts of the world for many reasons. This plant could grow in all kinds of light, plus it is easy to care for. Bamboo is a natural air purifier that helps keep the environment clean.

Bamboos can quickly be grown in areas with low light and indirect light. The stems of this plant enhance any style of home. For house owners, the lucky bamboo plant creates positive energy and safety. This makes a perfect plant present for someone who firmly believes in Feng Shui and is a plant-lover. 

Peace Lily 

Peace lilies are ideal gift plants because of their lovely flowers and foliage. The peace lily plant is an excellent addition to any home’s interior design.  It symbolizes purity, innocence, rebirth, and tranquility. It is a flowering plant that purifies the air.

Giving peace lilies means that you wish the receiver to always live a peaceful and calm life. This is an effective sympathy plant for occasions when your loved one or friend needs your support.

Snake Plant 

It is said that you should place the snake plants in the right direction so they can bring good fortune to your home. Remember to instruct this to the receiver of your gift. While most plants are known for generating oxygen, snake plants are among the few plants that produce oxygen at night.  Thus, it’s ideal to place it in the bedroom to improve sleep.


In the literal sense, bonsai refers to plants planted in containers.  Even though every variety of bonsai has its meaning, they are all associated with peace, balance, and harmony. In Zen Buddhism, the bonsai plant symbolizes a conservative approach to removing stress from your daily life. Indoor plants can lower blood pressure and ease psychological stress when you’re actively interacting with them. 

So don’t mind others if they caught you talking to a living indoor tree. It’s therapeutic, and you don’t even have to pay extra fees. 

Aloe Vera 

As a result of their physical healing properties, these plants symbolize healing and protection. This is a valuable plant that the new owner can benefit from for their everyday needs. It could be used as a moisturizer, burn remedy, or hair care. As long as this plant is cared for very well, it can flourish and grow more aloe vera stems.


Plants are a great way to wish someone good luck and express your love or sympathy. Make your friends feel special by giving them a beautiful plant. By understanding the meaning and benefits of each plant listed above, you could make shopping for your plant gift easier. These will enhance the interior decor of your loved one’s home or office.

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