Experts’ Global- Setting the Standard for GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

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Experts’ Global- Setting the Standard for GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global is a name that any GMAT or MBA aspirant should trust, without hesitation. Thousands of students, from every part of the world, have taken up Experts’ Global’s guidance and have been exceptionally satisfied with the result. 

About the Company

Experts’ Global was founded in 2008, by Mr. Mayank Srivastava , to provide reliable GMAT prep and MBA admissions education, through cutting edge technology. In the years since its founding, Experts’ Global has frown to compete at an international level, as evidenced by the fact that students from over 50 nations have sought them out and 10% of all Indians studying in the US top 50 business schools, are Experts’ Global alums. The firm’s staff takes great joy in their work and are proud of the efficient methodologies that they employ. 

GMAT Online Preparation

Experts’ Global’sGMAT online course is almost certainly the most complete one out there. It includes 300+ study videos, as well as 4000+ practice questions, and an interface and scoring system that are all very much in sync with the GMAT. The practice material is also backed by very in-depth analytics, which have proven to be excellent tools for students to understand their progress and weak areas. 

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GMAT Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’sGMAT mock testsare virtually perfect. The tests have the same conceptual scope as the real GMAT and great care has been taken to make sure that they maintain the proper GMAT level of difficulty and complexity as well as a stylistic similarity to the GMAT. Most importantly though, as mentioned above, Experts’ Global’s scoring system is very GMAT-like. In fact, more than 500 students have noted a near complete congruence between their scores on these mocks and their official mock scores. This is very important as most GMAT test series do not have such accuracy, as the GMAT scoring algorithm is kept private. 

GMAT Classroom Program

Experts’ Global’s classroom program is quite small and is conducted as weekend classes, by Mr. Srivastava. These classes have been praised for the Mr. Srivastava’s deep understand of the GMAT, enthusiasm and sharp teaching style, wherein, he makes excellent use of every minute of the class and ensures that each student has all of their doubts cleared. 

MBA Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global follows a boutique system, working with only a limited and predetermined number of MBA applicants, each year. This is because Experts’ Global provides what they call “End to End Admissions Consulting”, meaning that they offer support and guidance for every part of the applications process. The success of this approach is hard to question, as Experts’ Global has guided applicants to every one of the world’s top 150 business schools.

MBA Interview Preparation

As part of its end to end consultancy, Experts’ Global also provides excellent interview prep. The firm takes a three step approach to interview prep, beginning with 15 instructional videos that cover the intricate details of a good MBA admissions interview. The second stage is answering the 30 most common interview questions, to provide a baseline for the interview mentor to understand what level of understanding the applicant will be starting from, before the last stage, mock interviews. The mock interviews are designed to address the applicant’s specific weak areas and is backed up by a detailed feedback session. 

Experts’ Global is a stellar choice for those looking for guidance on GMAT prep and MBA admissions consultancy. Working with this firm will be a great asset to any MBA aspirant.

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