What Everyone Forgets When Opening A Restaurant

Juliet D'cruz

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For everyone who has a passion for food and cooking, opening a restaurant is the ultimate dream. However, just like any other business, there are a lot of steps and a lot of work that people have to put into before they finally have their restaurant up and running.

With the many steps and activities, you might forget some crucial things for you to run the business. Some of those things could affect the business’s success, and some could land you in legal trouble. When answering the question, ‘what do you need to open a restaurant,’ you need to conduct extensive research and have everything written down in order of priority.

Things People Forget When Opening A Restaurant

Rising enough capital

Overestimating your needs is important when raising capital for your restaurant. For proper running of the restaurant, you need to have around nine to ten months of working capital prior to opening the restaurant.

That is because the restaurant’s expenses like rent and buying supplies will use up all the money before you start getting enough clients to give you enough profit.

When planning for the capital, look at all your money and consider the best way to outsource the rest of the money you might need. You should also account for additional costs or over-priced some things because of the changes in the market.

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Licenses and permits

You need to have many business licenses and permits before you open your restaurant doors to customers. Some of them include:

  • Business license
  • Foodservice license
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Building health permit
  • Food handler’s permit
  • Sign permit
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Live entertainment license
  • Resale permit
  • Liquor license
  • Dumpster placement permit
  • Foodtruck permit
  • Seller’s permit

Creating a functional menu

Your restaurant is not complete without a menu on the tables. When creating your menu, ensure that you have all the foods and drinks you serve in the restaurants in the right categories. You should also make it simple enough for your customers to identify what they want easily.

A back office

Customers see the front office of your restaurant, but for it to be functional, you have to have a functional back office. Back office operations are the ones that determine what is best for the restaurant, including the services, products, and logos.

You can think of the back office as the foundation for the operational and financial success of the restaurant. You can break back office operations into two categories; administrative and customer support.

To learn more about back office operations, look for information from platforms like Verint.

Training the staff

Your staff highly determines how well your restaurant will be. When hiring, you need to go with people who have received training from the best institutions.

However, you also have to develop an effective training strategy to keep improving their skills and teach them new and better ways to meet your restaurant’s goals.


The restaurant industry is saturated and competitive, and to remain relevant, you need a concept that will set you apart from other restaurants. Your concept determines the food you serve and how you serve it.

You can decide, for example, to make your restaurant family-friendly, a sushi joint, or a steakhouse. For that, you need to hire the right staff.

Advertising strategies

The advertising platform and strategies you choose determine how effective your advertising campaigns will be. Consider having a strong social media platform and have a large visible signboard outside the restaurant.

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