Has Digital Innovation Changed Our Lifestyle?

Juliet D'cruz

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Digital innovation isn’t just allowing us to be creative but it’s also changing our lives. Self-driving cars, robots, and other accessible technologies have made us enter a new era.

Truth be told, technology has transformed the way we think, interact and conduct business. Studies are predicting that the whole world may be automated by 2030. 

Let’s stop for a moment and see how digitalization is changing our lifestyle:

Smart Living

The smart gadgets that are used daily to control our homes with AI are changing the way we engage and perform tasks. Voice control devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa allow us to order food, send emails, make dinner reservations and even track our sleep patterns. I can even order Alexa to check Spectrum deals and it will do as I say! We are becoming relaxed each day because of smart devices like these.

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New Shopping Experiences

We are moving towards a cashless society. Retail giants are investing in implanting tech and facial recognition. This will change our in-store experience and even employment opportunities.

Take Google Pay for instance. There is no need to carry cash or plastic cards to purchase an item you like. Use your smartphone to complete the transaction. All you have to do is open the app and tap your phone at the point of sale. 

Relationships and AI

Thanks to technology, we now have online dating apps to meet our partners outside the personal networks. This has driven greater diversity in relationships. 

Artificial Intelligence has helped people struggling to build relationships. The therapeutic benefits of technology have made it easier to connect despite disabilities. 

Smart Driving

Although flying cars aren’t here yet, self-driving cars have been accepted with open arms. Soon, Tesla and other automated cars will be everywhere. 

The first autonomous car was driven in 2017 for 2 million miles without a driver under computer control causing zero accidents. 

Smart Education

The Internet, computer, smartphones, social media, and video communication tools have enabled us to communicate with each other and stay connected with the world.

These technologies have improved the education system. Students can now attend online classes and attain their degrees legally. Social media platforms are being used to interact, share notes and hold discussions. This has made education easier. Receiving assignments, completing them, and sending them to your professor is not a problem at all.

Although technology has transformed our lives, it is satisfying to see that human connection is not completely lost because students still need an instructor’s assistance in certain scenarios. 

Technology and Agriculture

It’s not just our daily lives that are affected by technology, businesses such as farming are being transformed as well. Self-driving tractors, GPS technology, agricultural drones, and other modern tech has made farming more sustainable.

Farmers can also use mobile apps for calculating the grass in their field. Imagine how much time and money this can help small farmers save! 

Smart Health

People in the past had more stamina to fight diseases compared to it today. That’s because they were physically and mentally fit.

The impact of technology on health is both positive and negative. Although doctors have been able to invent cures of diseases that were lethal in the past, and modern medical machinery is available to improve lifespan. technology has invented several disorders as well. Depression, insomnia, anxiety are common side effects. 

Nevertheless, help is available. The doctor and the patient don’t have to be in the same room to get treated!

Easy Traveling 

From getting a visa to booking a flight to making a hotel reservation, technology has made traveling so much convenient. And if you are in a different country, Google Maps will be your guide. Need help communicating with the natives? Use a translating app.

You don’t need the local currency to shop, use your credit card to purchase. 

Final Words

Technology is positively impacting our lives by making it easier to complete tasks that were impossible a few years before. It has made it easier to build cities, travel with convenience, farm, drive, and help create this world a global village. Every facet of human life can now be carried out efficiently.  

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