How to apply and recharge the fastag using the HDFC bank?

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In day-to-day life, everyone needs to manage everything to get a perfect result from it. One of the major issues where people use to face is road traffic. As the population grows much indeed people are using the transport in many ways. More vehicle one in a single-lane cause so much traffic and take much time to pass by. Not only roadside even to the highway toll plazas every vehicle needs to stand on a long queue to pass by. As the every vehicle need to pay for entering the city and using the highway they need to cross the toll plazas in every state, this cause to them to stay long on the queue and pay the vehicle allowance to the government. 

For reducing the traffic time and collision in the traffic on the toll plazas the government of India has decided to generate a new scheme for every vehicle to use the fastag which is used for every vehicle to pass by without taking much time and no need to stand for a long queue indeed. The fastag is sticker-like things where you need to paste on the front of the windshield of your vehicle. With the sensor detection, the QR code is scan and they allow the vehicle to pass by. The fastag are used to make the traffic reducing in the toll plazas. By using the hashtag you can enter the fast lane to move at high speed without any delay. 

 To get the fastag there are many ways where you can apply online to get sooner. For applying the fastag you can use your bank account application or bank website. By enrolling the personal details and the vehicle information you can able the fastag in a faster way. If you are an HDFC bank user you can use the banking application and banking application you can get the fastag in a faster manner.

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The government plans to integrate fastag as a multi-utility payment tool outside of highways as well, such as at utilities like parking lots, etc. In April 2020, fastag was made necessary to acquire third-party insurance, which is the smallest insurance cover essential for all cars. Moreover, if you enter a fastag lane without a fastag, you’ll be subject to pay double the toll amount. The same rule applies if your fastag is not working due to impairment to RFID or insufficient balance. Therefore, having a fastag is an element of convenience as well as safety.

For applying you need to follow these steps below:

 HDFC is a major premium bank where it provides the fastag in the best and they are simple enough to get it. The bank provides more offers to get fastag in an easier way to get from financenize

  • Log in to your HDFC bank application or HDFC bank website with your login username and password.
  • Check for the option HDFC fastag click it and enter your details and vehicle information.  Choose the starting location and destination location-based on that the price value changes and it also shows several toll plazas are processed through the way which is chosen on it. After entering the details you can make the payment on it. You need to provide any of your identity of a document through scanning progress on it 
  • Being an hdfc bank user you can get more offers and getting the hdfc fastag from the hdfc bank side. Even cost cuts will be available for the user indeed.

Fastag working 

The fastag is nothing but the sticker which is embedded with the QR code and other detail of the persons and other vehicle information on it. Using your bank account you can easily get the fastag. The tag comes with a decent cardboard size and shape where you need to paste it on the windshield. The tag is scan by the RFID (radio frequency indemnification technology) is used to develop the best way to get a more effective phase on it. 

 By detecting the fastag QR the person’s identity and vehicle information register on every toll plazas and its progress are done in the best way. Buying a fastag is easy and they are provided with 5 years of warranty where it’s a one-time investment for 5 years. By hdfc recharge, you can use the one-time fastag for 5 years. Based on the route travel the cost will be different every time. FASTag is an easy-to-use, reloadable tag that enables the automatic deduction of toll charges moreover lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.

Fastag recharge

  • To recharge the fastag on the hdfc you need to enter the hdfc mobile application with the username and password. 
  • On the hdfc mobile application, you can find the option as recharge fastag icon you need to choose the fastag number and details about your identity on it. 
  • Registering the vehicle number you need to recharge should be done. Using the account number you can use to pay or even use the UPI (unified payment interface). They are well secured and safe enough and every payment is kept in an encrypted way on it.
  • Maximum recharge amount. Select the repayment option and complete the transaction of your HDFC Bank FASTag via Internet Banking through your HDFC Account. 

Benefits of fastag

  • With the latest technology grow the people need to change. People think using of fastag is a heavy burden, but the real things they are highly effective and efficient to use by every traveler.
  • No need to stand for long queues and reduces the street traffic on the toll plazas.
  • You can get more offers from the bank side to getting a fastag payment through it. They are simple and effective with all the secure payments are done. You get the SMS to alter the payment options and they are done in the best way. 
  • Check the pre-populated Vehicle Registration number including Wallet ID details. Enter the desired recharge amount. Select the return option from the conferred dropdown list, Pay From option including select PAY to complete the FASTag recharge by Internet Banking. 

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