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The world is developing and so are we! Isn’t it amazing how the traditional way of sitting on a desk and working has changed to an adjustable standing desk and attending a meeting while working out on a treadmill? These modern ways not only help us to stay fit and healthy but also improves our level of productivity. But aren’t you now thinking about how a standing desk can improve productivity? You will get your answer in this article. Keep reading to know how an adjustable standing desk can improve work productivity.


But before jumping on the topic let us understand what standing desks are! So, as the name suggests, it is a desk which allows you to stand and work. These desks are easily available online or in the marks and you can also adjust the height of these desks as per your comfort level. And to your surprise, you can make a DIY adjustable standing desk also! You just need to put some books or a stool below your laptop and it’s done! But using a standing desk can be difficult too and using it in the wrong way can affect your health and can decrease your work productivity. While you are using standing desk make sure you:

  • Avoid wearing heels
  • Have an armrest
  • The top of the computer/laptop must be equal to your eye level
  • Your elbow should be 90 degrees to the floor.
  •  Your neck should be straight.

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There have been various studies and researches done on this topic and the findings are that working on a standing desk increases your productivity by approximately 45-50%. Let us know what factors help in increasing the work productivity:

  1. Brain power increases

Do you know when you sit and work it slows the circulation of oxygen in your body? Yes, you read it right. On the other hand, when you stand it increases circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach your brain. When you stand there is a continuous physical movement in your body which promotes neurogenesis (the formation of new brain cells), particularly in areas of the brain related to critical thinking. If you sit more, you tend to kill your brain!

  1. Concentration level increases

So, when you are sitting your body is in a relaxed and comfortable position which affects your work productivity. You become lethargic and can’t work more than an hour with full concentration. And when you are standing your focus tends to increase. So, when you are more concentrated, you can work more effectively and accomplish more. You can try this, after 1 hour of sitting, stand up for 10 minutes and you will yourself your focus being improved when you sit down to work.

  1. Reduces pain and discomfort

You must have also experienced pain and discomfort after getting up from your seat after 2-3 hours. Not only pain and comfort m it also affects your health.  Our bodies are not built to sit all day. We need to keep our bodies active and healthy. If we don’t, we can suffer from physical stress that can lead to back discomfort, joint pain, nerve damage, and persistent headaches.

  1. Energy level increases

Have you also experienced that after sitting for hours, when you stand you feel a little fresh and your energy level goes up? The standing desk has this advantage: it can make you feel active and this can enhance work productivity. Various studies have also been done on this and it has been accepted that standing and working is more effective than sitting. When you stand on your feet you become more aware and this leads to increased focus and concentration.


It is a proven fact that shifting and adapting towards new technologies takes time but they are worth it. Similarly, using an adjustable standing desk will be a big deal for you but gradually you will like it and see its benefit not only on your health but also on your productivity. Standing up and working is not difficult, in the initial days you will find it tedious but later on enjoy this. Simply standing promotes neurogenesis, which is defined as the formation of new brain cells and gives you a healthy lifestyle. Once we get a job, we spend the majority of adult life at the workplace or the job. So why not make it healthy? Why stick to traditional styles of working? Why not return back to home with a good amount of energy level rather than with dull faces and tiredness?

Can we say that standing desks are the new normal? Now get up from your desk and go for a walk!

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