How Furniture Removal Can Increase Your House Value (When Selling Your House)

Juliet D'cruz

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When it comes to moving big, heavy non-functional furniture out of the way, it takes a lot of planning and organization to accomplish. That is why that old filing cabinet, dining set, or sofa set may still be lying around your living room area gathering dust. If you had intended to do it yourself, it could be worse because it’s probably never going to be done. This could make your interior look dirty, clumsy, and undesirable; hence the need for furniture removal. Take time and view more details about this.

All that heavy lifting could be a risky affair resulting in injury or damage of property. Most people hire professionals for furniture removal to make the experience stress-free. Not only is it convenient, but it also gives you peace of mind to embark on that renovation, relocation, or foreclosure. Furniture removal has several benefits to your house value, especially when selling it. Let us look at how that much-needed furniture removal can increase your house value:

Furniture Removal Gives You More Room for Repurposing Space

Your house is on sale and you have lots of non-essential furniture in the basement or the other rooms. Those old clothing cabinets, utensil racks, or chairs are piled up in the extra space as you figure out what to do with them. You could be thinking of doing some repairs on them, repurposing them for other functions, or simply discarding them. Whatever the case, letting the furniture lying around could be making your house valued less on the real estate listing.

A furniture removal is a solution. All that extra space can be repurposed if only the furniture got out of the way. With the help of a furniture removal service, you can get more room to create other functional spaces. For instance, the basement with junk could make an extra self-contained bedroom, study room, or playroom. You could create a walk-in closet or full bathroom in another extra space to make it more appealing to buyers with specific needs. There is so much you can do with the extra space created by furniture removal and add value to your house.

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A New Look For The House

You have probably had your furniture around for years and failed to realize how bad it looks. Until you do furniture removal, you may not even realize how dated your house seems. This could be the reason why its listing in real estate is very low. Most house hunters would prefer modern house designs and interiors. The old furniture could be dating the house; making it less desirable, hence a lower market pricing. A furniture removal is a quick fix to this. The modern design and space; otherwise obscured by the old furniture will now be seen and the value of the house increased.

Refurbish From the Old Furniture

Did you know that with furniture removal, you can sell the old furniture and buy new ones? Most of the rubbish removal companies even value your old furniture and give cash discounts on the items.. Moreover, they could organize the selling of the same to other companies buying old furniture for recycling.  With the extra money, you can buy new furniture for your house to earn extra value from the sale. It is better than leaving the old furniture in the house, making it priced less. Furniture removal will get you cash to buy newer furniture pieces once you get the old ones out of the way. Even if the house were to have an older design, buyers would agree to pay more for one with newly furnished interiors.

De-clutters For Aesthetic Value

No one wants to buy a house full of the former owner’s old furniture. Every buyer comes with their their own furniture preferences and motivation. Well-cleared houses sell better and more due to their aesthetic value. Furthermore, buyers like nice and clear spaces so that they can easily move around to assess the house for consideration of purchase.  A furniture removal is one way to achieve this.

Imagine a house on sale with a huge pile of furniture in the driveway, storage room, or basement. Demotivating, right? First of all, you will consider how much it will cost you to get all the furniture out and organize disposal. This means hiring a furniture removal service, add that to the cost of the house. Most buyers will tend to negotiate a lower buying price in order to cover the extra expense of furniture removal. You can avoid selling your house for a price lower than its true value by decluttering the place to make it appealing enough for a higher value.

Final Thoughts

When selling your house, you would want it to fetch as much as you can get from its real value. There are steps to take such as renovation, remodeling, or upgrades on the interior space to increase the value of the property. You cannot do all this with your furniture all over. Furniture removal will clear up space for you to see every corner, resolving issues before putting up your house on sale. Otherwise, you will have to settle for less if your house is listed with damages and unfinished edges.

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