How Radon Affects Your Pet’s Health?

Charlotte Miller

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How Radon Affects Your Pet’s Health

You may know about radon and its dangerous effects on humans. However, the toxic gas is not just harmful to us but also to our pets. It is unfortunate that most people do not pay attention or are simply ignorant about the fact that radon affects animals as well. Just like you care for yourself and your family, it is equally important to ensure your pets are protected from radon. 

High radon levels can cause lung cancer and are the leading cause of the disease among non-smokers. To protect your beloved, conduct radon testing and treatment as soon as possible. 

What is radon?

Radon gas occurs naturally in the environment. There is not much we can do to stop it from existing. This gas can be found about everywhere, but it becomes particularly more dangerous when trapped inside homes. Radon is present in the soil and thus, can enter your house through the foundation. 

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Are animals affected by radon?

Animals can be affected by radon, just like humans. In fact, they are more prone to diseases due to the fact they spend most of their time inside the house, unlike their owners who go off to work, college, or other places. Continuous exposure to radon gas can cause tumors in your pets’ lungs and respiratory tracts. 

In an article published by Cancer Survivors Against Radon, they talked about a pet owner whose dog had been diagnosed with cancer. After that, she immediately tested her home for radon and found that the results were five times more than the safety level given by EPA. 

In many cases like these, several people do not get their homes tested until their beloved pet passes away. Early detection and treatment of radon can prevent these issues and save your pet’s life. 

What can you do to lower the risk of radon?

Radon gas is naturally occurring and not a product of factories. It is always present in nature, and it is not up to humans to control its concentrations. However, we can lower the concentrations in our houses with professional testing and treatment services. 

There are various radon treatment companies that can effectively run tests and determine the amount of radon gas present inside your house. If they detect a harmful radon level, they will then take appropriate steps to solve the problem. 

If your pet is a part of your family and you love them like they are your own children, we know you do not want to see them get sick, or worse, die. Reach out to a team of experts to protect your furry friends. 

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