Why shouldn’t you delay hiring an accident attorney in Atlanta?

Charlotte Miller

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Why shouldn't you delay hiring an accident attorney in Atlanta

Atlanta is surely a city of dreams; yet, it’s also the city that witnesses serious road accidents. Despite a lot of traffic rules being imposed to keep the rate of fatalities low, distracted drivers don’t pay heed to the safety of other people. 

If you’re been put through the tragedy of broken bones, or worse, because somebody wasn’t paying attention to the incoming traffic, the law in Georgia gives you a right to ask for compensation for economic and non-economic damages. 

In order to get your way right, you’ll need an accident attorney atlanta ga to steer you through. Don’t expect the road to financial reimbursement to be smooth. 

Keep in mind, be it your insurers or the driver that caused the accident, neither are willing to take the blame. Hence, only an accident attorney can help. 

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Economic and non-economic damages: what is the difference?

When an accident occurs, the victim suffers from physical injuries that require treatment. Secondly, the vehicle is damaged. And last, the victim will lose wages. All these are cases where the victim is losing money due to physical injuries or a broken vehicle.

However, an accident causes more damage than just physical injuries. The victim is emotionally and mentally traumatized. The family goes through hell. Sometimes, the victim might lose limbs, suffer from spinal damage, or get paralyzed for life. 

Thus, the anguish and pain that the victim and the victim’s family have gone through should also be compensated. And these damages are counted as non-economic damages. 

The amount that a victim receives as compensation is greatly influenced by the extent of both economic and non-economic damages.

Why the hurry to hire an accident attorney?

To begin with, legally you have a window of 2 years from the date of your accident. You can file for compensation within this stipulated period. 

But, it’s just not the right way to proceed. The sooner you get an attorney on-board, the better are your chances of getting the compensation that justifies the trauma you’ve faced. 

Some of the reasons why hiring a lawyer early on are important are as follows.

  1. If you let the culprits loose for long without hiring a lawyer, the evidence will certainly be tampered with.
  2. Anything that you say in the absence of a lawyer can prove to be a very expensive statement if the case reaches court.
  3. Insurance companies will lure you into a deal that might seem justified due to the urgent need for money. With time, the expenses will shoot up. Only a lawyer who has seen injuries similar to yours can foresee future medical bills and more.   

All in all, the sooner you’ll hire a lawyer, the more compensation you can get. Besides, nobody will be able to take advantage of the fact that you don’t know the law in Georgia when you have a skilled accident lawyer as the captain of your ship.

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