How to Export from India with Amazon Global Selling Program 

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How to Export from India with Amazon Global Selling Program

It is very well said that “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”. In the business world, that single step is Exporting. Exporting helps to expand your market on a bigger platform(global) where you can sell your products to billions of people and not just particular audience. Exporting not only benefits your market valuation but also affects the entire global economy. On the other hand, expanding your business with the help of international markets provide employment to many people. 

India being the second most highly populated country comprises of many young entrepreneurs and business-oriented minds who are now shifting their business sphere to online platforms. E-Commerce has aligned itself with the new age world of business. With online platforms comes a vast customer scope and many new responsibilities as well. Selling your range of products worldwide might bring about a substantial spike in your business. 

With a dream of entering the international market comes the question of how to export from India? Well, the process is just a few clicks away! Reach millions of customers worldwide directly with Amazon Global Selling.  

Amazon Global Selling made exporting process simple and hassle-free. With just four steps you can export your products from India to the world. This article will help you understand the process of how to export from India. 

How to Export from India: Important Steps and Strategy 

Amazon Global Selling is an easy and powerful program to kickstart your export business and gain a significant position in the global marketplace through ecommerce. Being a manufacturer, a reseller, or a budding brand, you can completely rely on Amazon in achieving global heights for your range of products. It provides efficient tools and hassle-free services to straightforwardly reach 300 million+ clients around the world. Follow the given steps below to figure out more about Amazon enrolment and how to sell your brand globally. 

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Step-1: Selection of Product Category and the right marketplace for it around the world 

Want to know which marketplace will fit well with your business line? With 18 Amazon International Marketplaces, you have plenty of opportunities to expand your business on a global level. With one single account, you can sell your products in around 18 international regions. For an instance, you have a business in the clothing line. Let’s say you want to become a global apparel seller.  

  • First, North America has the world’s largest economy in your range. Countries in North America where your business of apparels will boom is: the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  
  • You can expand your business in the entire UK region, the UK has one of the best fashion industries.  
  • Middle-East countries such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, where Made in India products are high in demand, give you unlimited opportunity to broaden your export business.  
  • Singapore being the new exciting market region with 85% of online users, accelerates your potential of selling products from India.  
  • Japan has the world’s third largest economy sector. Amazon is the first choice of people of Japan, when it comes to online shopping.  

With Amazon’s international language tools and advanced systems, selling products in different regions of the world and the task of translation has been made quite easy and hassle-free.  

Step-2: Creation of Seller Account and listing of products 

After deciding the locations where you want to export your products, you need to create an Amazon seller account. Creating the account is very simple. All you need is just a few official legal documents and you are ready to go.  

The important documents that are required to register as an exporter with Amazon Global Selling and to explore the Amazon international marketplaces are: – 

  • Identity proof like Aadhar card, passport or driving license 
  • Business address proof 
  • International transaction-enabled credit card 
  • PAN card from the Income Tax Department of India 
  • IEC (Import-Export Code). If you do not possess IEC, then application for IEC can be filled online directly on DGFT website. 

Once you are registered as a seller with Amazon Global Selling program, you can start listing your products. You just need to go on your seller central page and tap on ‘Add new products.’ You can list them in two varieties. 

  • One is creating an offer on an existing product, also known as matching. If Amazon already has product listings of your type, then you need to list your products on the same page. 
  • Second is creating a new product listing. If Amazon does not have listing of your category, then you can create a new page for the same. 

Step-3: Shipping and Meeting Fulfilments 

Getting ready to sell on Amazon globally? Easy shipping, faster delivery, better customer service is what Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) offers to its sellers. You just need to ship your products to the Amazon’s international fulfilment center and Amazon will take care of storing the product, packing it, and then delivering it to the customer’s doorstep. You just have to focus on your business growth and amazon will take care of your supplies.  

You can also avail amazing Amazon benefits with Amazon Prime Membership. 

  • Two-day delivery option 
  • Incredible 24/7 customer service which helps in gaining customer satisfaction and building customer trust along with positive reviews and sales.  
  • Amazon manages all onward and return shipments of your products on its behalf. 

Step-4: Business Management 

Now that you navigated the world with Amazon international business, it’s time to manage your business. Amazon provides additional tools, support, and guidance to help you manage your international sales.  

  • While selling in other countries, you need to provide customer service in their native language so that your customers can connect to you more efficiently. With FBA you do not have to worry about that. It provides correct customer support for fulfillment related queries in the necessary languages.  
  • Amazon also guides your business by optimizing your product portfolio.  
  • It helps in pricing your products for different countries with their different currencies. 
  •  Amazon advertising tools additionally helps you boost your business and increase your international presence.  
  • It provides you payment in your choice of currency.  

With 18 International Markets, 200+ Countries & Territories, Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce exports program to sell internationally from India. With 70000+ Sellers already exporting from Amazon, it’s your time now to register with Amazon, export internationally and get your payments in your bank account without any hassle.  

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