Tips to keep flowers beautiful for a long time.

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Tips to keep flowers beautiful for a long time.

When you receive a fresh bunch of flowers from us, we naturally want you to enjoy it as long as possible. In other words, how should you care for your flowers to keep them beautiful for longer?

After you have placed the flowers birthday nicely in the vase, provided the vase with approximately 30 cm of clean water and added the flower food bag, we have a few more tips for you below.

Tips that are important for the place of the bouquet in your home. Where you place the bouquet in the house can be of great importance for the yield of the flowers. You often place flowers in a place in the house where you find the bouquet beautiful. Very logical of course, but it is also good to think about what the flowers like.

Tip 1: Taking care of flowers with clean water

Flower care starts with a clean vase and clean water. So make sure that the vase first removes the water in the streams well. A used vase can still contain a lot of water. This tasted like fresh flowers quickly. A drop of chlorine in the water already works wonders. Change the water regularly and then immediately cut the steel diagonally again.

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Tip 2: Not too much sun

Flowers don’t like being in the sun all day. The leaves can dry out and burn. Of course you don’t want that. In addition, the flowers need more water when they are in the sun for a large part of the day. It is of course a shame to see, when you come home after a busy period, that the flowers are without water.

Conclusion: find a place for your flowers where they are not fully exposed to the sun.

Tip 3: Not too hot

When flowers are in a warm room, they will open earlier. Nice of course, because an open flower often shows more than when the flower is still in the bud. The only difference is that you actually speed up the entire process by setting the temperature too high. So the flowers will not only open earlier, they will also fail sooner. Of course we don’t want that.

Also be careful when placing a bouquet in a somewhat cooler room, but then close to the heating. Then of course you still suffer from the same effect as above.

Tip 4: Do not flower in the freezing cold

Flowers do not like too much heat, but they hate the cold. Do you want to bring a flower bouquet and it is freezing outside? Then make sure you go by car. Flowers on a bicycle in the freezing cold are disastrous for the shelf life.

Tip 5: Don’t put the flowers in a draft

In addition to the fact that the room in which the flowers are placed should not be too warm, the flowers also like it when the temperature remains constant. Therefore, do not place your picking bouquet near a door that opens constantly or near an air conditioner.

Tip 6: Be careful with fruit

It always looks so cozy: on the counter or on the kitchen table a bouquet next to a fruit bowl. Yet flowers do not find fruit very pleasant. Different types of fruit can emit gases that ensure that your flowers bloom faster. And just like with tip 3, this makes the whole process faster, so you can enjoy your beautiful flowers for less time.

Tip 7: Change the water regularly for the best care of flowers

The water in the vase with flowers gets dirty faster than you think. That is why it is important to change the water every 2 or 3 days. This way your flowers can always drink well and you prevent the vase from getting smelly. Fresh water is the best care for beautiful flowers.

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