How to Promote Your Business on a Budget

Juliet D'cruz

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Companies spend millions of dollars annually to promote their products and services. As a small business owner, you may be wondering how you can possibly keep up. We want to ask though, have you tried the Promo editor, and have you gotten the most out of other free resources available to you?

Promoting your small business doesn’t have to be a costly affair. It sure helps to have a limitless budget, but it is far from a necessity. For instance, an online video maker can prove immensely helpful to your business and you can gain access to that easily.

In this article, we’ll highlight the different ways you can promote your business without busting your bank account. Stick around and pick up some valuable tips that will likely give a big boost to your small business.

Use an Online Video Maker 

The power of video is undeniable. Per this article from OptinMonster, the average person watches about 16 hours of videos online every week.

That statistic alone is already quite eye-opening. It only gets better from a marketing perspective though.

The article also notes that around 84 percent of people say they were convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a branded video.

Branded content tends to get mixed reactions from people. If you’re talking about videos though, it appears that they are received fairly well. There is no reason why using a video maker should be absent from your marketing strategy.

When using a video editor, take the time to focus on creating high-quality content. Provide instructional videos or product reviews so your target customers can get to know your offerings better.

Entertaining content is also worth pouring time into as well. Come up with something funny or interesting and you could have a viral hit on your hands. Imagine the amount of buzz you’ll be generating for your business if one of your videos turns into a viral sensation.

Of course, we cannot forget to mention that you don’t have to spend money to access an online video maker. You can find services online that are available for free so go ahead and try them out.

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Make the Most Out of Free Advertising Channels

You don’t have to spend big in order to get the word about your business venture. The truth is that there are perfectly good marketing channels already available for free. Many of us just fail to maximize them all the time.

We’re talking about emails and search engines specifically here.

Email marketing may not be the most exciting way to boost your business, but it’s undeniably effective. There’s a reason why newsletters and other types of promotional emails remain in wide circulation.

You can also provide valuable content to your target customers through email marketing. Take your latest online video maker creation and feature that in your latest newsletter. Give your prospective customers another reason to check their email account.

Meanwhile, deploying some SEO tactics can also land you in front of more customers. Companies pay good money to end up on the front page of Google. Invest more time in your SEO efforts and your business could wind up on that valuable slice of virtual real estate as well.

Including links in your online video can help with your SEO efforts. You can also include more direct calls to action in that online video in order to boost traffic to your business’ website. 

Tap into the Full Potential of Social Media 

Email accounts and search engines are prime advertising channels, but they are not the only ones that deserve your attention. You should also be coming up with ways to get the word out about your business on social media.

Now that just about everyone has a social media account of some kind, you’ll really miss out if you don’t account for those platforms.

Use social media to premiere some of your latest online video maker creations. If you’re on Twitter, pin your video tweet so it’s the first thing people see upon checking out your account.

Social networking websites also enable us to engage more directly with one another. You need to take full advantage of that.

Take questions from your customers or other interested parties via your social media accounts. Answering all of them will be pretty tough. Still, you can convince some buyers who are on the fence by answering their questions directly.

Don’t forget to post regularly too. Failing to post regularly can lead to your content getting buried. Be active and engaging on social media to get the most out of it. 

Host an Online Event 

The great thing about marketing today is that it can take place mostly online. Even hosting an event no longer has to be done at a physical location.

Live streaming platforms are now easier to find than ever before. You can find platforms that are fully dedicated to hosting live streaming events. Some of the bigger social networking websites also offer their own live streaming options.

The bottom line is that you can host an event online easily these days. You don’t need a ton of technical experience to understand how those platforms work.

You can also upload a highlight reel after the live streaming. Work on it using a free online video maker and then release later on so those who weren’t able to tune in can catch up.

Build your buzz by going live online and boost your business in the process. 

Ask Your Customers to Provide Reviews 

One more thing you can do to promote your business on a budget is to rely on customer reviews. Small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth to gain a foothold in their community. If you can get your customers to vouch for you, the chances of more people in the neighborhood supporting you significantly increase.

Turn to the online video maker again to create a compilation of your customer reviews. Share that video online so interested buyers can use it as a quick reference. Effective marketing does not necessitate big spending.

Parting Words

Follow the tips we’ve detailed in this article and see just how well a budget advertising campaign can work for your business.

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