How to start unpacking living room furniture in your new home

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How to start unpacking living room furniture in your new home

Moving is difficult, especially when you have a whole house to sort out. However, once you have the living room figured out, the rest of the house feels a little easier to finish. Here are some ways you can use to design your living room efficiently and quickly (before all the storage boxes start residing in the living area)

Where does the TV go?

Once you figure this out, the placement of the rest of the furniture becomes easier. Usually, TV can be used as the focal point with all furniture either centred around it or facing it. However, if you wish to have something else as a focal point, placing the TV first can help you make the rest of the decisions faster. The easiest way is to wall mount the television so that it looks clean and classic. You can figure out how to mount the TV yourself or save yourself the trouble (and the stress) and contact professional wall mounting services by clicking here.

Where does the rest of the living room furniture go?

One of the easiest ways to figure that out is by deciding if you want your living room to be primarily a seated place or if you would like to merge it with other ideas you may have. The classic way is to put the sofas facing the focal point of your room and have a coffee table in front of the sofas. Adding armchairs can make the place feel more comfortable. The reason we suggest this is because by having the furniture face the focal point of the room, your place will feel more put together. Another way you can go about if you have an open-plan house is by using the sofas to divide the seating area from the dining area. This creates clear boundaries and gives the space an open “room” feel.

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How to decorate?

Now that your basics have been placed, you can focus on decorating the space in whatever way you like. Start by placing the wall hangings first. Anything that goes on the walls should be the priority as the smaller furniture will go around the room depending on the wall décor and shelving placements. Side tables go on next and then go on the decorations. Make sure that you pay heed to the amount of space you put between the living room furniture as it can make or break the space. Bringing in plants can cause a huge difference to your living room and make it seem livelier and fresher. Make sure all your shelving units and side tables are of a similar theme so they don’t clash with each other.

Where does the lightning go?

Now that you have figured out the basic layout of the space, placing the lightning will be easy. You can have light fixtures on your ceilings, tables, floor, or walls. Using light around your room focal point can increasingly make the living room furniture look very cohesive and well done. Make sure that there is enough overhead lightning but also enough lamps/wall lights for when you need a dimmer atmosphere. Having one big and bright ceiling light right In the middle of the room with multiple smaller lights around the place makes for the classic style. You can make your place look cosier by adding in some fairy lights around the place and having light coloured curtains to let the natural daylight in.

All that is left now is to add in the cushions, family pictures and other personal touches that will make you feel more at home.

How to make it yours?

One of the best ways to make the space your own is by employing maximalist interior design. Under this method, you can collect and display everything that is dear to you: Have a big CD collection? Display it under your television; Have lots of books? Build a bookshelf around your television, or better yet, make the bookshelf the focal point of your living room. There are numerous ways where you can customise your space to give it a character. Using vinyl helps a lot when experimenting with your designs.

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