How to Use Meditation for Breaking Bad Habits

Juliet D'cruz

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How to Use Meditation for Breaking Bad Habits

Meditation is an incredibly useful practice to reduce stress and achieve inner peace. You gain a new perspective towards a life with just a few minutes of meditation daily. Another significant benefit of this relaxing activity is to get rid of bad habits and a negative lifestyle.

Good habits are introduced in your life once you have control over your thoughts and action. Mindful breathing and meditation give that control to you. Here’s how you can use meditation and mindful breathing to break bad habits and have a positive lifestyle. 

Stress Management

Many of our bad habits are introduced because of stress or boredom. And we continue with these bad habits until a better coping mechanism is found. Therefore, it is recommended to have another activity to indulge in while trying to break other activity.

Mindful breathing and meditation are excellent practices to deal with stress. There are no side effects of these two activities. And you don’t have to pay anything for them. A no-cost, positive coping mechanism for stress.

Your decision making will get better with stress management with meditation. You will work to find a solution instead of always thinking about the problem. Take an example of a financial crisis. Stress management will allow you to find the best private lender in the UK more effectively. 


Increased Motivation and Clarity

You need the motivation to change habits. Sometimes people find it challenging to get motivated because of ambiguous thoughts. You cannot make your mind over the negative impacts of a habit. 

Meditation promotes clarity of mind and self-awareness. It is highly useful to drop habits you are pursuing for a very long time. And when you have the reasons to change them, you will find the motivation as well.

The idea is to get a deep understanding of the effects of an unwanted habit on your lifestyle. With the clarity of mind, your judgement will not be clouded by the pleasure these activities bring. 

Control Over Emotion-Driven Reactions

Our bad habits are often linked with certain emotions that act as fuel. Smokers light up a cigarette whenever the situation gets stressful. Overreaction is often experienced whenever the person gets angry over the small stuff. 

In this situation, meditation helps you by developing consciousness over distractions. You now have a better understanding of your emotions and your go-to reaction for them. Thus, you can eliminate these habits by practising meditation for a few months. 

Remember, it takes only a fraction of second where you react to a situation. With the right skill set, you can control your reaction from your years-old habit to calm and compose breathing. This breathing can stop you from getting extremely angry or lighting up a cigarette.

Enhanced Willpower

Your willpower will be tested once you are motivated enough to break down a bad habit. It will take a few weeks or month before you free yourself from these habits, which means there will be numerous occasions when you the distractions will be extremely tough. 

The willpower will help you divert the attention from these habits. You will experience poisoning thoughts, destructive emotions, and negative self-talk. You must stay persistent in getting rid of these diverging experiences.

Meditation can be considered as an exercise for your willpower. The more time you will spend meditating daily, the stronger your will power will be. And there will come a time when the distraction can no longer make you quit the whole process.

Helps with Emotional Gaps 

The best solution for filling the emotional gap indeed is to find a purpose for life. It is not always possible for people to have a purpose when they are already facing a crisis. You can try meditation to fill these gaps during the time of distress. 

Use a relaxed mind to find values and goals that are much important than comfort. This will help you get rid of habits such as smoking, drinking, social media addiction, etc.

Stronger Visualisation and Concentration Abilities

Visualisation and concentration are equally essential to control your temptations. Performs these two activities while performing meditation. You will feel the increased resistance to the bad habits you are trying to quit.

In the end, you need to practice meditation daily for at least a few months to experience noticeable changes. Therefore, it will take time to break bad habits; eventually; you will achieve it for sure.

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