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With the legalization of medical marijuana in the USA, a new door has opened in the field of medicine. Its medicinal properties have caused the initiation of countless discoveries and the development of more natural ways to recover from life-threatening diseases like cancer. But one should remember that medical marijuana cannot be consumed by oneself. You have to get yourself diagnosed and follow the prescribed method, amount, and regularity of cannabis intake that is safe for you.

Cannabis is available in abundant species, and new hybrids are being created every day, each having different chemical compositions and characteristics. Therefore, it is best to consult an expert before consumption. This article will inform you of the various methods for weed intake so that you have a better understanding of your choices.

  1. Smoking: The most primitive method of enjoying cannabis is through smoking. Marijuana is dried, rolled into a joint, lighted, and inhaled. It can be inhaled, with or without a bong or a pipe.
  • The inhaled smoke contains its medicinal properties. The effect is immediate.
  • This method is cost-effective, with the dosage being monitorable. It is not suitable for patients with breathing or other lung-related issues.
  1. As Edibles: The second most used method is taking weed in the form of edibles. Typically, brownies were infused with cannabis and consumed. But now, weed is mixable with almost any form of food such as ice cream, sweets, crackers, and whatnot.
  • In earlier times, the taste would make the presence of cannabis detectable. Nowadays, the typical taste and smell of marijuana go completely undetected.
  • It takes about an hour to feel the effect but thankfully, it maintains the high for longer hours and is essentially very strong.

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  1. Vaping: Though similar to smoking, vaping, or vaporizing is better for your lungs. The vaporizing of weed happens at a considerably low temperature, releasing its medical properties without burning them.
  • It is an expensive and intricate method to undertake as vaporizers are quite costly and require maintenance. There exists a variety of vaporizers of choice. Visit any Silver Spring medical marijuana dispensary that is sure to have a collection for cannabis enthusiasts.
  • After preheating a vaporizer, place a stipulated amount of cannabis within the unit. Press the button to enjoy the vapor.
  • It does not smell, and it is just as effective, with immediate responses.
  1. With Dabbing: A concentrated form of weed, also known as budder, shatter, etc., is placed on a heated surface by heating a metal or glass surface, and the vapor, inhaled.
  • A powerful psychological high is instantly achievable, providing relief from extreme pain and other deteriorating symptoms.
  1. Other Successful Methods: Transdermal patches, tinctures, pills, and supplements are healthy methods of using medical marijuana. The relief offered will naturally depend on dosage and frequency, along with the effectiveness of the chosen way.

Whatever method you use for the consumption of medical cannabis, you must receive your physician’s permission. It is advisable not to experiment with different consumption techniques for medical purposes. Remember that each disease is case-sensitive. It is best to follow the method that is doctor-approved and befitting of your physical condition.

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