Integral Aspects To Guide You Hire A Top-Notch Dog Bite Lawyer

Charlotte Miller

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For many decades, dogs have been human beings, loyal companions. However, with the surge in the number of people keeping dogs as pets, dog bites and attacks have become quite common. Dog bites can lead to infection, nerve damage, tetanus, scarring, disfigurement, rabies, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). 

Because the population of dogs is surging daily, and one can encounter an aggressive stray dog, it’s good to be prepared for the worse. This includes not only being able to seek the best medical assistance but also working with lawyers and other experts. Working with the best dog bite lawyer Austin Shrum Law Office is worth your time, money, and effort.

This article will explore key aspects that should spur you to seek the services of the best dog bite lawyer and much more. Continue reading to learn more.

Hire the Best Dog Bite Lawyer- Key Aspects to Spur Your Decision

Laws and procedures surrounding dog bites and attacks vary from one state to another and from other injury laws. Therefore, you must work with the best dog bite lawyer near you and get the necessary assistance. Here are facets to guide you in making wise decisions:

Vast Knowledge of Dog Bite Laws

Every state has profound and distinctive laws covering different dog bite claims. A lawyer can save the day if you are dealing with severe injuries resulting in fractures or disfigurement and need cosmetic surgery. A lawyer will help initiate a claim against the dog owner for the following:

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages

If the dog bite was not severe, you can only initiate a claim for medical expenses. However, if the dog has a history of biting or attacking people, you can pursue a vicious dog claim against the owner and seek compensation. A good lawyer understands the laws and is up-to-date with legislations that affect them and new trends in the industry. 

Skilled Negotiation

Lawyers are skilled negotiators and are eager to help their clients. A dog bite attorney will know how to deal with insurance companies when they offer less than reasonable settlements. The lawyer you hire will review the offer and present a serious case on your behalf. They will try and convince the insurance firm to increase the settlement to a reasonable level. 

Matchless Experience

Many victims find dealing with dog bite cases hard and daunting because available professionals don’t have field and personal experience. They find it challenging to deal with insurance companies or pursue claims against dog owners. Well, experienced and well-trained dog bite lawyers can handle these cases, and guarantee deserved compensation. 

Access to Valuable Resources

Working with a dog bite lawyer gives you access to robust resources helpful to your case. You’ll have ample resources to rely on and research or investigate your case to gather evidence to use against dog owner negligence. With the right team, you’ll not be alone or struggle gathering evidence. 

Personal Advocate

Victims of dog bites and attacks want the right people on their side. You don’t want to feel alone when seeking justice and a dog bite attorney will lend a helping hand. The lawyer will work on your behalf and get the compensation you truly deserve. You’ll have a personal advocate seeking justice for you, and they will not rest until the dog owner is brought to justice. 

To Wrap Up 

Don’t suffer in silence or drain your resources seeking treatment if you’re a dog bite victim. You can hold the dog owner into account by hiring a dog bite lawyer to guide you through the case and file a claim. Not every lawyer you come across can help with legal support for the incident. But dog bite lawyers at Shrum Law Office are well-acquainted with enacted laws and will initiate a claim for you. They are well-trained, experienced, licensed and confident enough to help you get the compensation you deserve. Make that call today and learn how to obtain fair compensation.