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The survey of finding the most profitable vacancies has become much easier today, thanks to the expansion of the labor market of countries and professions. Today, for example, it is much easier and more profitable to come to Kuwait to work than to knock on the doorstep of the Europe.

What is the best option to find jobs in Kuwait?

Where to start your search of jobs in Kuwait? Our Layboard website will be just to help. But first, nevertheless, carefully study the requirements for candidates, the required professional level. You must match what you claim. It is best if the applicant has significant work experience. You can use special sites and social networks where you can get information firsthand. But for beginners it is better to contact agencies. You will be consulted, they will select the right vacancies, they will gladly and professionally approach the paperwork. The mentality of the Arab world does not allow simply entering the country and looking for work. We need an agreement with an employer, which is controlled by government agencies. Unlike other states of the Persian Gulf, despite the high standard of living, food and housing prices are reasonable here. Sometimes you can stay in the hotels where you plan to work. The contract may include an obligation for your food, accommodation, but in this case, the salary will naturally be lower.

What are the best vacancies in Kuwait today?

What vacancies can you find here? Everything is determined by professional skills. If you have a diploma and work experience, you can apply for the vacancy of a doctor, information technology specialist, manager, oil and gas engineer, financial specialist. Knowledge of English at a high level and Arabic is a plus.

If you do not have such qualifications, you can find a job as a nursing staff, massage therapist, in the field of construction, services. Working for girls in beauty salons as a beautician or hairdresser, with the appropriate qualifications, is also quite suitable for payment. There are good vacancies in the hospitality and restaurant business. Depending on your experience, waiters, cooks, maids, cleaning ladies. As you can imagine, knowledge of spoken English is essential when communicating with a client.

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What are the features and advantages of working in Kuwait?

Foreigners are gladly hired here. The work of women in Kuwait depends on your professional level, however, more often it is the service sector, the hotel business. It is possible to work overtime for an additional fee. Living and living are quite comfortable, since the local population speaks English. It will be convenient for you in shops and banks, especially since there are enough European labor migrants there. Today it is quite possible to pass an interview without leaving your country, via Skype, for example, send documents in electronic form, study the agreement, consult a lawyer. This is necessary, since in Arab countries the agreement is concluded for a certain period, which must be worked out. It is important to decide on your health insurance. Many of the benefits in education and medicine apply exclusively to the local population. And migrants should take care of themselves in advance.

What salary can you expect in Kuwait?

On average, a job in Kuwait City can generate income from $ 600-700 per month. Your working schedule is regulated by you, as much as wages because of it. 

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