Know Why Your Car’s Intercooler is Important

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Know Why Your Car's Intercooler is Important

When you own a car then it’s essential to know about the intercooler. You may have heard about intercoolers which are placed behind the openings in the bumpers at the front end. You can purchase an intercooler from at a reasonable price that also ensures the best quality. Hence, in this article, we are giving you details regarding the intercooler as well as their importance.

# What is an intercooler and how does it work?

Intercoolers are mechanical devices that are designed for cooling the intake air on engines fixed with a forced induction system. It decrease fuel consumption while increasing the power of the engine and its efficiency. Generally, these are found on turbocharged engines and are also used in gas turbines, air conditioners, air compressors, and refrigeration.

The purpose of an intercooler is to cool down the air by the turbo or supercharger before it enters the engine. It squeezes more air in every cylinder and then the engine is capable to burn more fuel evenly and create much power with an explosion. The process of compressing produces very much heat and the temperature of air that enters the engine also increases. But, when the air gets hot it becomes less dense also and reduces the amount of oxygen that is present in cylinders, and impacts the overall performance.

Thus, to stabilize this process, in cars, the intercooler cools the compressed air for providing more oxygen to the engine as well as combustion is improved in each cylinder. Furthermore, in this way, the reliability of an engine is also increased, and make sure that in each cylinder air to fuel ratio is maintained in an efficient manner. So, if you are looking to buy an intercooler kit from Boodmo then you can check the prices easily.

# Importance of intercooler in a car :

There are many reasons to use an intercooler in a car with an engine. Many cars use intercoolers and their importance is given below :

  1.   Using an intercooler in a car is a good way to produce more power across a wide range of engine RPMs.
  2.   The intercooler pulls more air into each cylinder and compresses the fresh air. So, the role of an intercooler is to send the air into the intercooler after being compressed by the turbocharger.
  3.   This means from the atmosphere the turbocharger pulls in more air and the intercooler does not permit the temperature of that fresh air to get high.
  4.   So, it results in cooler as well as fresh air enter in the cylinder. In a cylinder, by spraying more fuel you can easily detect a bump in the power output of an engine of your car.
  5.   After the combustion process, the catalytic converters do not want very hot air coming into them. The high temperate in combustion results in high levels of exhaust gas releases which is illegal as well as harmful to the environment. Hence, the intercooler works by ensuring the exhaust gas temperature is not very high and even in extreme conditions, the emission system is functioning efficiently without any hassles.

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# Types of intercooler :

After knowing about the working of intercoolers it is equally important to know about the types of intercoolers. So, there are mainly two types of intercooler Air-to-Air Intercooler and Air-to-Water Intercooler. The details of these different intercoolers you can find below :

1.    Air-to-Air Intercooler

This type of intercooler from the compressed air extracts heat and passes it through a network of tubes with the help of cooling fins. So, traveling at a speed, from the cooling fins the cool air absorbs the heat. Therefore, the temperature of the compressed air is decreased.

Advantages of Air-to-Air Intercooler :

  1. Lower price – You can buy the intercooler from Boodmo
  2.  Simplicity
  3.  Less weight
  4.  Fewer components
  5.  There is no need for a hydraulic setup

Disadvantages of Air-to-Air Intercooler :

  1.  There is more difference in temperature than air to water.
  2.  Placed at the front of the car and for that piping is needed that may affect the responses of the engine.

2. Air-to-Water Intercooler :

Another type of intercooler is an Air-to-Water intercooler. This uses water as a heat transfer agent and is also known as heat exchangers. In this intercooler, the cool water is pumped and extracted the heat from the compressed air as it passes through. Then the heated water is pumped by another cooling track and in an engine, the cool compressed air is pushed.

Advantages of Air-to-Water Intercooler :

  1.   Response time is fast from the engine.
  2.   This intercooler has more stability to handle a wider range of temperatures.

Disadvantages of Air-to-Water Intercooler :

  1.  Complex system that involves a pump, heat-exchanger, and others.

# Final Words :

So, we hope that after going through this article you will understand the importance of an intercooler for your car. Furthermore, you can buy high-quality and reliable intercooler from Boodmo having different specifications.

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