Preserving Your Documents Using PDF/A With GoGoPDF

Juliet D'cruz

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In today’s world, everything changes all the time, most especially technology. What you have today will not be the same in the next years or so. With all this change that is happening, preserving is the best way to keep your most important files. Most people nowadays use PDF since it is the best way to view or share a document. 

PDF format is straightforward, and we can use it for all major Operating Systems. But the structure would not be the same as the incoming years since everything is evolving even this. Thus, converting our PDF files to a PDF/A, the formats of these will stay the same. In this article, we will show you how converting to PDF/A works.

How To Convert Your PDF to PDF/A

Converting PDF/A files will keep its format protected, secured, and accessible anytime. All the data and material in your file will be permanently embedded eternally. The good thing about this is that we are able to convert our PDF files to a PDF/A with the help of GoGoPDF, an online tool for our PDF needs.

Converting PDF to PDFA is easy with GoGoPDF. We only have to follow these simple steps. The first is to select our PDF files from our device or drag and drop them into their conversion box. Then, GoGoPDF will begin the process. Once it is finished, our new PDF/A files will be available for download, or we can send and share them to Dropbox or Cloud.

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GoGoPDF ISO Standard

GoGoPDF creates an ISO standard for all our PDF files, and it removes the format that will be incompatible with our future archives. To reproduce a PDF file in the same format regardless of the type of software we use, it should be an ISO-Standard. So for the incoming years, our PDF files will always look the same.

GoGoPDF Tools

There are at least 20 tools available in GoGoPDF that we can freely utilize. These tools help us enhance our work productivity and by working smart. GoGoPDF has compression Tool, Conversion Tools, Merging and Splitting tools. We can also lock or unlock a PDF, add an electronic signature, add a watermark, or add page numbers.

We may also protect, repair, edit, rotate our PDF files, and the list goes on. With all these, we only now have to work on one platform since everything we need for our PDF is available on GoGoPDF while maintaining the quality of our documents and our files’ safety.

GoGoPDF Platform and Browser Support

One of the best things about this online platform is that it supports all major Operating Systems, such as Windows, iOS, or Linux. We can also access this to any browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and so on. Not just this, but also we can use any device, such as our smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

GoGoPDF makes sure that its platform is accessible for everyone who intends to use it. And it is easy to utilize their tools, where there are no complicated instructions that we have to follow. Now, students, employees, or people in business can make use of it hassle-free, making our work better and efficient.

GoGoPDF Data Privacy

We don’t need to worry about our files getting stolen or seen by others. GoGoPDF assures us that all our files are safe and secured since they delete everything we upload to their system after an hour. They prioritize our privacy with their 256-BIT SSL security encryption. Now, we can work worry-free.

PRO Membership with PDFBear

To have unlimited access to GoGoPDF tools, we can subscribe to their PRO Membership. We are given complete task conversion, file storage, unlimited upload size of the files with a maximum of 2GB per file, and endless conversion tasks. We are also given a higher upload speed in percentage and will always be prioritized in technical and customer support.

Also, by being a PRO member, our work would be more efficient since we would convert, edit, compress, merge or split as many times as we want. And, we can do all these at the same time. 


As everything changes so quickly, we should also come by technological advancements. Luckily, GoGoPDF has all the tools that we can use with this type of change. It is available online so we could use it anytime and anywhere we want. We only have to use it in a smart way so that our work would come effortlessly. 

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