Tattoo Pen Vs. Tattoo Gun: What’s The Difference?

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Worldwide of modern tattooing, there is a great deal of equipment developed to help tattoo artists do the most effective job feasible. Because of the selection of tattoo machines that are utilized by musicians, many individuals find themselves wondering, tattoo pens vs. tattoo guns, what is the distinction between the two? 

Tattoo pens vs. tattoo guns– Tattoo guns use electromagnetic coils that are drawn and pushed to relocate the tattoo needle up and down into the skin. A tattoo pen makes use of a motor that relocates the needle. The electric motor in a tattoo pen is quiet as well as generates virtually no vibrations in the equipment.

What is a tattoo pen, and also is there a distinction between a tattoo pen and a standard tattoo gun? What are the differences between them? Is a tattoo gun much better? Let’s look a little closer at several of the distinctions between a tattoo gun and also a tattoo pen.

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What Is The Distinction In Between A Tattoo Pen And A Tattoo Gun?

Often individuals do not wonder about the tattoo device that their tattoo musician is utilizing, as they do not recognize there are various tattoo machines readily available that may generate different outcomes when made use of.

What is a tattoo pen, as well as exactly how is it any kind of different from a tattoo weapon?

Tattoo guns 

A tattoo gun’s needle will certainly go up and also down in between 50 to 3000 times a minute, relying on what the artist requires.

Tattoo guns are really effective as well as dependable makers that have actually been used by lots of artists. 

They generate tidy, sharp, and also attractive tattoos when they are made use of properly.

A tattoo gun in the hand of a skilled master tattooer will certainly produce remarkable tattoos.

Tattoo Pens

The Tattoo pen machine is driven by an electrical motor, rather than the coil in tattoo weapons.

These are extremely very easy devices to make use of; they are conveniently adjustable and also very user friendly for the tattoo musicians that use them.

Tattoo pens make use of a really various system contrasted to conventional tattoo weapons. Tattoo pens use needles that can be found in compatible cartridges that can be switched in and out of the tattoo pen as many times as called for throughout the tattoo application process.

These machines are likewise exceptionally peaceful contrasted to various other tattoo makers. So silent that if you are not listening out for the sound it makes, you might not be able to hear it whatsoever.

Tattoo pens do not have much settle back while in use. This indicates that the tattoo pen is a great deal extra steady as well as does not move around much while being made use of, which leads to a much cleaner tattoo throughout.

When using a tattoo pen, it is much more nimble as well as simpler to navigate. These machines do stagnate by themselves, however only according to what the tattoo musician is doing, and also due to this, several tattoo artists have stated that tattoo pens develop much tidier tattoos with cleaner and more specified details.

Do Tattoo Pens Hurt Less Than Tattoo Weapons?

There have been no research studies performed that confirm that tattoo pens are less painful to be tattooed with than a standard tattoo weapon; nevertheless, numerous customers that have actually been tattooed by both kinds of tattoo equipment have shared that they might really feel a distinct difference between them.

Customers had claimed that the tattoo pen, for whatever reason, was much less agonizing to be tattooed with than when they were tattooed with a tattoo weapon.

 knowledgeable about the reality that they are being tattooed, creating them to be a lot more relaxed. They, for that reason, view the experience to be less uncomfortable.

Tattoo musicians have actually stated this is actually really beneficial for them, as they can tattoo far better, as well as for longer when their customers are kicked back– and when they think that they are in a whole lot much less pain than they are, as well as this perceived absence of discomfort assists the customer continue to be calm throughout longer sessions.


Both tattoo makers can execute at the exact same level as well as implement the exact same tattoos, so it will certainly have to do with the tattoo musician Be aware that the same theory applies to tattoo removal. For instance, Denver tattoo removal services employ a device resembling a tattoo gun to remove tattoos; however, they do so using lasers rather than needles.

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