The 3 Most Important Fonts

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The 3 Most Important Fonts

We read every day, no matter how little. We can read something very short, like a chat message or a notification on a social network, or we can also happen to read an entire scientific article or a few pages of a book. In any case, reading is present in our lives.

It is clear that written words with free fonts want to express something to us, but what about the way in which they are presented to us? There are many fonts that make the appearance of the words we read change a lot and consequently evoke a different impression and emotion.

Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, there are many types of letters that can be used to write text and then we will see the most famous classifications, in addition to understanding the importance of using one or another letter depending on the message we want to convey and the response we want to awaken in our receiver.

In this article, we will talk mainly about the types of letters of the Latin alphabet, an alphabet that has many fonts and each of them has a more appropriate use. Over time, a myriad of writing styles has emerged that make the issue of typography truly world-class.

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  1. Thibodeau classification

Typography experts agree that Francis Thibodeau pioneered attempts to systematically classify fonts. This French typographer classified letters into two groups, taking into account whether the letter had serifs or not. Later, the third group will end up including those typologies that could not be considered in the previous two.

1.1. serifs

Serif typologies are all those fonts in which the letters have small ends as decoration, usually at their ends. This typeface and font hinting tends to have a more elegant look, as serifs decorate the letters giving them a more professional and sophisticated look. A classic example of a serif font is Times New Roman, which is widely used in legal documents, books or any text with a certain seriousness and formality. We also have Garamond and Rockwell.

Within the group of serifs, we can briefly mention three others: ancient Roman, with small differences between their thick and thin lines, recessed and triangular serifs; modern roman, where there is still little difference between thick and thin lines, but they are more stylized than old roman; and Egyptian, which have a machine-like appearance, with lines of the same thickness and rectangular serifs.

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1.2. bez serif

As its name suggests, sans serif letters (also called “dry stick”) do not present decorations at their ends. It is an easy and clear letter to read, with a clean but simple and informal look. Examples of this font are Arial, Akzidenz Grotesk and Univers.

1.3. The rest

In Thibaudeau’s classification, a third type was collected, in which were placed all the letters that do not have a stable and maintained pattern. They are usually handwritten and decorative letters whose main function is to express themselves on the image level, not on the written level. We could say that these are letters of the most artistic type.