The 5 Essential Roles You Need Filled in Any App Development Team

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After years of trying, your company has finally gotten the green light from the owners to develop an app—but how on earth do you go about making an app?

Apps can be an amazing toaol for your customers, making it easier for them to access information and helping them save time. However, even the simplest looking app can be deceivingly complicated, a result of years of work by the app development team.

To launch your app, you’ll first need to hire the right employees to create it. To learn more, keep reading to find five key roles that every app developer team needs.

  1. Visionary

Every ship needs a captain, someone to lead the way and chart the course. Your new app needs someone to lead the way as well—this person will be the visionary.

This person, or group of people, is the driving force behind the app. The visionary provides clear guidance on why the app is being developed, what it should do, and how it will work.

While the visionary needs plenty of technical skills and understanding of app development, they also need to be a strong communicator. This is because the visionary has to communicate the aims and needs to the rest of the app developer team, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In many cases, this person will be the CEO or manager within the company, but sometimes the product manager will also be the visionary. Just be sure everyone on the project is in agreement about how the app should look and work, as otherwise you’re going to have some problems.

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  1. Project Manager

When hiring an Android or ios app development team, one essential role is that of project manager. If you want your app to be launched on time, the project manager is responsible for keeping everything on schedule, so it’s a very important job.

They’ll also work across all departments, ensuring each person delivers their assignments on time so that the app can come to life. For this reason, invest in training for your new project manager.

This course covers facilitation of cross-team interactions and helps project managers work across multiple teams.

When hiring a project manager, look for someone experienced in app development with a proven track record of success. They should also be well-versed in project management frameworks, such as Scrum.

  1. Designer

Investing in a team of designers is an important role for your app. After all, if the app doesn’t look right or work properly, no one is going to download it and you’ve wasted your money.

App design is a very specialized role, as your team needs to design both the back end and front end of the app. To reach the widest audience, you’ll want designers that can work across both Android and iOS.

An app designer should have experience in designing a successful app, with strong coding skills, creativity, attention to detail, and a passion for technology and computers

  1. UX

Even the coolest app in the world won’t be popular if it isn’t easy to use. Apps are all about making life easier for users, so user experience, or UX, is a vital role within your team.

UX design refers to your customer’s interaction with a product or service. In the case of app design, you’ll want an app that’s intuitive, fast, easy to learn, and isn’t overly complicated.

Your UX designer will look at the app from the perspective of a user, tailoring its design to meet their needs. They might also run focus groups with your target demographics, gaining valuable feedback that can be used to improve the app’s design before going public.

They’ll spend a lot of time testing, making improvements, and tweaking versions, which sounds tedious, but is necessary if you want your app to be the best it can.

Depending on the size of your team, the UX designer might also be the app designer, or they might be split into two different roles.

  1. Developer

To bring your dream of your app into reality, you’re going to need to hire an app developer. There are plenty of companies that offer app development, so it’s easy to outsource this role, or you can also hire someone full-time to join your staff.

A developer works in programming, building your app with code and software. They’ll need to be fluent in programming languages like Python or Java, but they’ll also need to be creative, great problem-solvers, and strong communicators.

Because app development is technical, tedious, and highly skilled, developers don’t come cheap. You can think of the cost as a solid investment in your app though, since hiring the best developers will get you the best results.

Complete Your App Development Team With These Roles

Your app development team can’t perform at its best unless you have enough staff, so be sure to hire employees for the roles mentioned above.

App development is a competitive field, with many talented people in the industry. To make it easier to hire the right staff, you might want to work with a recruitment company, especially if you’re new to app design.

Once you’ve brought the right team members on board, they should be able to hit the ground running, getting to work on your app. While app design can be complex, with some apps taking several years to develop, it’s worth the wait!

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