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We could safely assume that photovoltaics has a good reputation. All of the polls that have been conducted about the public image of this technology have been positive, and an overwhelming majority of people support it. 

What’s even more, the cost was heading for a massive decrease until the inflation rate kicked in. Over the past decade, this green power alternative has thinned the margin between renewable energy sources and conventional methods such as coil, oil, and gas. The technological advancements have been massive, and it’s only going to get better in the future. 

However, with all of this positive news, it might be difficult to understand why the decision time for customers is so long. On average, it takes a customer around 9 months to be completely convinced and say the final yes before closing the sale. Visit this link for more info. 

Out of every solar panel sold, 10 percent of the entire cost goes right back into the marketing funnel to generate new leads and nurture them over the next period. There’s a lot of optimism, but the waiting period before making a sale is extremely long. It takes less time for someone to buy a car, which is more expensive and doesn’t have a massive return on investment apart from looking amazing and smelling good while you drive to work. 

Even commercial and corporate software sales cycles are shorter. This means that the main challenge in selling photovoltaics is closing the sale faster. Here are some of the most insightful things you can do to increase your sales.  

Pay attention to one thing 

Everything needs to begin by concentrating all of your effort in one place. That could be a single area or town where you want to grow your client base. If you notice that there’s a large cluster of clients from a single city, reach out to them and ask for referrals. 

When all of your neighbors have solar panels installed, that makes you feel like you’re missing out on something. Starting a promotion in a specific neighborhood will do wonders for your marketing, even though it’s quite subtle. This minimizes your client acquisition expenses, and it reduces the time it takes for leads to convert by half. Instead of getting a new client in 9 months, you’ll get them in four.  

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Don’t be afraid to follow in someone else’s footsteps 

You might live in an area where there’s a larger competitor who moved in before you. Even if you’re starting out, there’s nothing shameful or wrong in following another business’s footsteps. The first mover definitely has an advantage, but they also have more expenses. Follow this page to read more 

They need to have a higher advertising budget, which means that they’ve already spent the money on client education. If you’re a smaller company, you can just sweep in and compete with lower prices. Spending less money on marketing will give you a wider set of options to implement. That could be location, quality, expertise, or your reputation.  

When you’re doing your sales pitch, make it simple and make it easy to understand. Electricity is a mystery all by itself. Positive and negative charges, schematics, proposal documents, equipment, and motherboards all look intimidating to someone who doesn’t work with them. 

Don’t show the complexity to the client. Instead, focus on creating a simple pitch where they need to pay a sum of money to get a specific outcome. Training your sales executives to simplify the entire process makes it easy to keep the client’s attention and attracts them to your brand.  

Emphasize the benefits 

You have to believe it before you can sell it. Solar is an obvious choice, and you need to spread that message to others like your life depended on it. You can’t convince anyone else into something that you don’t believe in. 

All those clients that decide to install photovoltaics will get a lower power bill every single month for the next twenty years. Calculate that difference and show it to them in a single presentation. The numbers will shock everyone.  

Additionally, make sure to include a slide that shows how inflation will increase prices in the future. Since the dollar is losing value, it’s much better to invest in assets such as a Solargraf proposals feature that will keep giving out dividends in the future. Lowering your monthly bill or completely eliminating it should be a massive pitch in your presentations. Why would anyone want to spend extra money that they could invest or put back in their wallet? 

Create a sense of urgency 

How many times have you heard that a customer will think about your offer and then completely forget about it in the next week? That happens all the time. Nowadays, people’s attention spans have been shortened through the extended use of social media and the internet.

 In order to maximize your sale, highlight the period when tax credits are about to expire or when they’re getting restricted. This creates a sense of urgency, and people will rush to buy photovoltaics. Another interesting strategy is choosing to run a sale for a specific period of time. This will encourage people to make a decision immediately.  

Doing this and asking for the sale is a part of the process. Sure, you might experience a few rejections along the way. But every rejection has the potential for an upsell or learning about your clients’ problems and serving as the remedy.  

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