Top 4 Causes of Low Air Flow from the Furnace

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Top 4 Causes of Low Air Flow from the Furnace

The work of the furnace is to help keep your house warm. If you notice insufficient airflow from the furnace, it indicates an issue that requires a quick fix. It means there is something wrong with the system. Therefore, take the issue seriously and call a licensed and certified technician to inspect and fix the issue. In the meantime, learn about the four causes of poor airflow from the furnace and how to fix them.

Blocked Air Ducts

If your furnace is not giving in enough air, it could mean the air filter is ineffective. The work of air filters in a furnace is to block dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the duct system. If the air filters cannot trap the dirt passing through the system, it could cause an issue. With time, the dirt builds up and sticks to the air ducts. As a result, there is low airflow in the furnace. It is crucial to replace the air filters to ensure they efficiently filter dirt and dust. You can visit this site to learn more about filters and why compatibility with the furnace is crucial. Make sure you call a professional to find ways to improve airflow.

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Leaks in Air Ducts

Air ducts could also have holes and cracks due to age. In this case, you will likely lose up to 50% of conditioned air from the leaks. Leaky ducts can cause low airflow from the furnace, which affects your energy bill. The leaks could be causing insufficient air in specific rooms. It could also be causing air to escape to external places like the attic or outdoors. Ensure you call a professional service provider to fix the leaks.

Blocked Damper Valve

Poor airflow from the furnace could also result from a blocked damper valve. The work of dampers is to regulate the flow of air throughout the rooms in your house. The damper valve transmits air along a specific path in the house to ensure you can get warm or cold air to the needed areas. If the rooms are not getting enough air, it could mean the damper valve is blocked. Whether you have a manual or automatic damper valve, ensure licensed professional fixes the issue to confirm air is being blown to the needed rooms.

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Insufficient Return Air Vents

Your HVAC should have enough return air vents to confirm it is getting as much air as it is giving out. The work of return vents is to absorb warm air produced by the unit. Lack of enough return air vents causes air pressurization in the room. The low airflow could be because of blockage in the return air vent. The blockage hinders air from leaving a room. Therefore, if the issue comes from the return air vents, you should call a professional HVAC technician to fix the furnace for efficient airflow.


These are the four main causes of low airflow from the furnace. If you experience any issues, ensure you call a technician to fix them. Professionals offer various services to ensure your furnace is in good condition.