Top 7 Factors to Consider When Building an Online Portfolio

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A strong online presence is more crucial now more than ever before. And there is no better way to increase presence and visibility than by creating an online portfolio.

A portfolio allows you to showcase your history of work easily. Moreover, it helps you create a great first impression on clients and improve your reputation.

Whether you plan to start a new business or refurbish an existing portfolio, you need to build one that can draw attention. Below are seven factors to consider when building an online portfolio.

  1. Identify the Goal of Building an Online Portfolio

Knowing the reasons for creating your online portfolio helps you attract the right clients. Some creatives think that showing specialization limits themselves, but the opposite is true. Showing your specialty makes it easier to attract the type of client you want.

Don’t be afraid to highlight the skills you have when applying for a job. You can learn about Dr. Kenneth Chien for inspiration on how to create an online portfolio.

Be your own unique brand. Show the client that you’ll be able to bring something new and different to their business.

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  1. Know What to Include in the Portfolio

It can be tempting to add all the projects you have worked on. You may feel like including every project will bring you closer to clients, but that’s not true.

A portfolio should be a representation of your best work. This means that adding a few successful projects is enough to showcase your capabilities. Putting in too many goes against the “less is more” rule.

Regardless of how hardworking and committed you are, you have certainly worked on projects that were not very exciting or outstanding. The results were not as appealing, but that does not define your work. 

Before including a piece in your online portfolio, think of how it will affect the impression you are trying to create. Check if the project communicates any skills or talents.

Don’t add projects that add no value to your marketing. It would help if you picked a few of your best projects or ones with the highest customer satisfaction level.

Moreover, only show work related to the job you are trying to secure at the specific period. The most recent projects are more recommendable as it shows that you are striving to keep your portfolio up to date.

  1. Is the Portfolio Visually Appealing?

In the digital era, most individuals prefer to shop for service providers online. They will want to review your portfolio online before meeting you in person. The idea is convenient and saves both your time and your clients’.

A portfolio aims to give an idea of what your brand is about and create a good impression. Visual content will set the mood for how potential clients view your projects.

Therefore, it would help if you made a visually presentable portfolio. Organize the projects nicely, and don’t forget to add quality images. Visual content is a game-changer and makes your collection more convincing.

Look for resources online on the best portfolio photo to get an idea of the kind of images to include and how to organize them.

  1. Pay Attention to the Design

An effective online portfolio is the most powerful marketing tool. But it can only be effective if well-designed. You have a range of portfolio design ideas to choose from, keeping in mind that portfolios are mostly about appearance.

You cannot go wrong with slide shows to showcase the different projects. Remember to incorporate a media library and lots of storage for flexibility, should you decide to include more projects.

It will help if you prioritize user experience when settling with a particular design. Make the portfolio easy to navigate. Otherwise, the potential clients may give up before getting to your best work and choose to look elsewhere.

Ensure your work is well organized. You may group the projects based on the type of work or skill set similarities.

It is also advisable that you let someone else review your portfolio. Let them check if anything feels out of place so that you can rectify it sooner.

  1. Let Customer Reviews Speak for You

Clients are always looking for testimonials and customer satisfaction rates to determine your reliability.

You may have a killer portfolio with the best projects. But if your previous customers have nothing good to say about your work, your effort is bound to go to waste. On the other hand, testimonials enhance your trustworthiness and credibility.

You may proclaim your skills and experience, but it takes a lot of convincing for potential clients to choose you over competitors. Therefore, validate your skills and qualifications by letting others vouch for you.

  1. Tell a Story in Your Own Words

Your portfolio is a visual representation of what you do. You can spice that up by telling a story about your brand in your own words. Describe your company values, what you believe in and what makes you stand out among competitors.

Make the description as fun as engaging. Clients will trust you more if you put in more work and time in building a unique portfolio. Do the most to promote your work, but be truthful.

  1. Is Your Portfolio Professional?

Professionalism is equally as important as portfolio aesthetics when increasing brand recognition.  

Not all photos are fit for portfolios. It would be best if you strived to capture high-resolution images. If possible, hire a professional photographer for quality and professional photos. Ensure they are well presented and review each aspect for errors.

Pay attention to the description. Avoid getting so caught up in the visual elements that you forget about grammatical errors and typos. Double-check your language or let someone else review it to confirm that it’s error-free.

Land Your Dream Project With a Professionally Built Online Portfolio

Your online portfolio will significantly determine how potential clients or employers perceive you. You, therefore, should invest your time to build the most visually attractive and professional portfolio.

With the above tips on building an online portfolio, you will certainly create a killer portfolio to get you where your dreams reside.

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