Virtual Staging: The two sides of the staging in modern world

Juliet D'cruz

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Virtual staging is a software based concept where you have the flexibility to design or makeover a complete empty room. With the help of the property images, you can fill your rooms with furniture, rugs, beds, sofa, décor, and more… Staging a home can help you sell your property faster. It has also proved to increase the property value in real estate market.

With the support of a good virtual staging company, you can imagine how your property must look like. Staging also helps to understand what is occupying the space of the house and how you can de-clutter it with a better option. This sounds great as just with virtual images, you can change the entire look of the house and see how it fits in.  However, don’t make a hasty decision in virtual staging. You must know both the sides of this technology.

Let’s discuss these in detail and see what conclusion we get…

Virtual Staging: The two sides of the staging in modern world

Most of us are aware that the reason how virtual staging captured most of the real estate market is due to its cost-saving feature. Imagine the cost you can save by not spending on the furniture, wardrobes, décor, rugs, sofa, and more in the actual space of the property. 

If you have to invest your own money in the interiors, it will be a killer! Moreover, you are never sure of how the room will look with the selected stuff. You have variety of online virtual staging apps that give you option to choose from oodles of varieties of home décor. Thus, you don’t have to pay anything to any agent or designer.

Another fact or advantage to look at about virtual staging is its versatility. You have access to all the rooms including bedroom, drawing room, restroom, kitchen, etc… just at one click. Moreover, you don’t have to physically visit the site to check the property in person. To add more, if you have to stage a room that is both, office as well as bedroom, you can virtually stage both without spending extra.

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Setbacks of virtual staging:

Despite the advantages of virtual staging, it has another side of its coin as well. Not many people are most convinced with the modern staging. Many clients have been upset with the fact that the images they saw of the property are actually virtual or unreal when they realize an empty space on personal visit. Most real estate companies have adopted virtual staging to get quicker results and smooth deals. However, clients face a far cry from the images they saw on the website.

It is doubtless that virtual staging has created a hype and buzz in the market due to its stunning property pictures. Even the buyers have agreed that they dislike seeing only empty rooms of the property. Certain virtual staging apps are so advanced that the buyers are able to enter all the rooms virtually and check the space, dimensions, and possibilities of the property right on the mouse scroll.

We know it is sad to accept that not all buyers can invest money in making their property as they see in staging. It is difficult to spend on the expensive sofa and cushions after investing a huge amount in the property.


We are glad that we could share both sides of virtual staging with you. We hope you are mentally prepared about what you see on the software may or may not be practically possible always. To know more about how you can go about virtual staging feel free to reach able sites like

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