What Are the Benefits of Socializing While at Your Church?

Juliet D'cruz

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Going to church is traditionally depicted as sitting in the pews in silence, while the preacher gives a sermon. However, many people don’t realize that attending church has many other opportunities and benefits.

Your local church is a great opportunity to socialize and connect with the local community. Discover the many benefits of socializing while at your church.

Make New Friends

If you’re new to an area or have had a change in circumstances, you might be looking to meet new friends. One of the many benefits of going to church is that you can meet like-minded people.

Making friends as an adult can be tricky, but if you’re in a church of god, you know that you’re already surrounded by people who share your values. This is a great foundation for starting a new friendship!

Similarly, if you’re a couple, or family with kids, you can meet other couples and families to socialize with. This might be a simple as striking up a conversation after Sunday service or attending a church social event.

You could even consider hosting your own event like a barbecue or potluck, and send an open invitation to the church members to attend!

Benefits of Socializing for Personal Growth

Religions of the world value spirituality as a path to personal growth. With many types of religion, spirituality is often thought of as a very personal and introspective journey. However, the social aspect shouldn’t be overlooked.

Going to church and spending time in group prayer, worship, or singing praise and worship songs together can be very powerful for your personal growth and wellness. Even on an unspoken level, the experience of being in a group can mean subtle but profound shifts in your personal spirituality and awareness. 

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Community Inclusion

Feeling part of the church community builds a local support network. This can be a difficult thing for some adults to find in modern life. Especially for more marginalized, vulnerable, or isolated groups.

Some churches offer adult social groups for the purpose of community inclusion. This enables new connections between people that otherwise may not be able to meet others.

As we know, loving thy neighbor, no matter their background or circumstances is one of the core teachings of Christ. Click to learn more about this Christian value of inclusion in action.

Develop New Skills

Many churches have voluntary groups supporting groups like the elderly, homeless, or parents of babies and toddlers. Helping out with these groups is not only an opportunity to socialize and give back to the community. You can also develop new skills.

Preparing food for a soup run can develop your kitchen skills. Helping at a playgroup can give you experience with kids. If you’re looking to add some new skills or experience to your resume, your church social groups are the perfect opportunity.

Love God, Love Your Community

Attending church is a wonderful way to celebrate your love of God. It’s also an opportunity to discover the many benefits of socializing with your local church community.

Spend time with your fellow worshippers and reap the many benefits of rejoicing in God together. For more inspiring spiritual reads, check out our other blog posts. 

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