What Is Gettering?

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In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the concept of gettering plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance. Gettering, often regarded as a specialized technique, serves a critical function in improving the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of gettering, its significance, and its impact on semiconductor technology.

What Is Gettering?

Gettering refers to a process used in semiconductor fabrication to mitigate the impact of impurities and defects that can degrade the performance of semiconductor devices. These impurities, often introduced during the manufacturing process or inherent in the materials used, can hamper the functionality and reliability of the final product.

Gettering Techniques

Physical Gettering:

Physical gettering involves the use of specialized structures or layers within the semiconductor material itself to trap and immobilize impurities. These gettering structures act as sinks, attracting and immobilizing detrimental elements, preventing their migration to active regions where they could negatively impact device performance.

Chemical Gettering:

Chemical gettering relies on introducing specific materials or treatments to absorb impurities. For instance, introducing certain dopants or performing high-temperature annealing processes can help remove unwanted impurities by forming compounds that can be later removed from the material.

Types Of Gettering

Bulk Gettering:

Bulk gettering involves creating regions within the bulk material that trap impurities. This technique is commonly used in silicon wafers, where deliberate defects or dopants are introduced to capture impurities and prevent them from affecting device performance.

Surface Gettering:

Surface gettering focuses on treating the surface layers of the semiconductor material to immobilize impurities. This can involve etching or passivation techniques that render the surface less susceptible to contamination or by introducing specific layers to trap impurities.

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Significance In Semiconductor Manufacturing

The presence of impurities in semiconductor materials can lead to various issues, such as reduced device performance, decreased reliability, and even failure. Gettering plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and functionality of semiconductor devices by effectively managing these impurities.

Applications And Industry Impact

Gettering techniques find extensive application in the production of a wide array of semiconductor devices, including microprocessors, memory chips, sensors, and more. Their implementation is fundamental to maintaining the quality and performance standards demanded by modern technology.

Advancements And Future Trends

As semiconductor technology advances, the demand for more efficient and reliable devices continues to grow. Consequently, gettering techniques undergo continuous refinement and innovation to address the evolving challenges posed by shrinking device sizes and increasingly complex semiconductor architectures.


Gettering stands as a crucial pillar in semiconductor manufacturing, serving as a protective mechanism against impurities that could compromise the performance and reliability of semiconductor devices. Its role in ensuring the quality and longevity of these devices is indispensable in an era where semiconductor technology underpins the functionality of countless electronic systems and innovations. As the semiconductor industry progresses, gettering techniques will continue to evolve, contributing to the ongoing quest for more powerful, reliable, and efficient electronic devices.


What Is Gettering In Semiconductors?

Gettering is defined as a process by which metal impurities in the device region are reduced by localizing them in predetermined, passive regions of the silicon wafer.

What Is Gettering Treatment?

The device active region at the front surface of the silicon wafer is kept clean by forming collection sites in the bulk and at the back surface of the wafer for contaminating heavy metal elements. This procedure is called gettering.

What Is Intrinsic Gettering?

Intrinsic gettering is a process by which supersaturated oxygen is precipitated out of the silicon wafer. Unlike extrinsic gettering this process has a distinct advantage in that the only stress applied is heat.

What Is The Purpose Of Gettering In Wafer Preparation?

Gettering is the process of removing impurities from the active circuit on a wafer that is normally carried out during crystal growth. It also serves as an important ingredient to facilitate the profit of VLSI production.

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