What Is Meaning Of Acquaintance? Meaning Of Acquaintance.

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Acquaintance Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Acquaintance?

What Is Meaning Of Acquaintance?

The meaning of the term acquaintance is, to have knowledge or experience of something. A person that you have met but do not know well can also be termed as an acquaintance. You can also say that an acquaintance is someone you know a little about, but they are not your best friend or anything. The term acquaintance is derived from the old French word “acointier”, which means make down.

You can understand more clearly the word acquaintance by making the use of the term in the sentences. For example, they had a long-standing acquaintance, I have some acquaintance with the Russian, I bumped into an old acquaintance on the train, etc. An acquaintance can be a personal or business contact for you or can also become a good friend at sometimes, where it always depends on the relationship and the people involved.

The term acquaintance can also be explained with the use of Facebook. For example, Facebook gives you three ready-made lists namely, close friends, acquaintance, and restricted friend. So, in the list of close friends you enlist the friend that show more interest in your news feed, the second is the acquaintance list in which you add your friends who should show up less interest in your news feed and the last id restricted friend those can see only the profile pics and posts info you make public.

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Examples Of Using The Word Acquaintance Are:

  1. After graduating from Paris, Burman rebounded to India to revive his acquaintance with the heritage of the art and the culture of his motherland.
  2. Two lovable reprobates are debating a mutual acquaintance who has just been liberated from prison.
  3. A good number of cyclists of my acquaintance have fully stretched, protected and MOT’d cars on their drives.
  4. I was strolling to the laundromat today when I met an acquaintance, Paulos, on the roadway.
  5. Not to mention he looks me as a safe option, the last male in his acquaintance who’d ever play the lecher with his wife’s kin.
  6. Another polo acquaintance shawls one of Rubi’s jockstraps and nailed it up in the shed where he kept his breeding macho’s, as a good luck glamour.
  7. An acquaintance of his requested for authorization to cut the rather weedgrown grass off it for forage.
  8. I am glad to make your acquaintance, for I have always desired to encounter a Master poet.
  9. So primarily, you see at the family members, acquaintance, or a totally unknown person.
  10. I actually love the company of women, unalike certain misogynistic Lotharios of my acquaintance.
  11. Our first acquaintance with ability is, probably, our training of the ability of the personal firm.


Is A Acquaintance A Friend?

An acquaintance is less intimate than a friend, like a person in your class whose name you know, but that’s it. When you “make the acquaintance of” someone, you meet them for the first time. If you know nothing about eggplants, you’d say, “I have little acquaintance with eggplants.”

What Is An Example Of Acquaintance?

She made the acquaintance of [=she met] a man from the city. She struck up an acquaintance with a man from the city. He seemed cold on/at first acquaintance [=when I first met him], but later I realized that he was just shy. He seemed cold at first, but on closer/further acquaintance I realized that he was just shy.

Is Acquaintance A Relationship?

Meaning of acquaintanceship in English. a relationship between two people who have met but do not know each other well: Ours was a strictly professional acquaintanceship.

Does Acquaintance Mean Friend?

acquaintance. / (əˈkweɪntəns) / noun. a person with whom one has been in contact but who is not a close friend.

What Does Get Acquaintance Mean?

adjective [v-link ADJ] If you get or become acquainted with someone that you do not know, you talk to each other or do something together so that you get to know each other. You can also say that two people get or become acquainted. At first the meetings were a way to get acquainted with each other.

What Does It Mean To Be Acquaintance With Someone?

acquaintance. / (əˈkweɪntəns) / noun. a person with whom one has been in contact but who is not a close friend.


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