What Is Meaning Of Adverb? Find Out Meaning Of Adverb.

Adverb Meaning & Definition

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What Is Meaning Of Adverb?

The Meaning Of Adverb In English

The meaning of adverb refers to a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, determiner, clause, preposition, or sentence expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, method, reason, degree, etc.

An adverb is a part of speech providing a greater description to a verb, adjective, another adverb, a phrase, a clause, or a sentence.

They are intensifiers and they can even come in the form of an adverb phrase. Thus, the meaning of adverb is described as a word that describes or gives more information about a verb, adjective, adverb, or phrase. It acts as modifiers of verbs or clauses, and in some languages. Examples of adverbs include a word such as ‘slowly’, ‘ now ‘, ‘very’, ‘politically’, or ‘ fortunately ‘.

Adverbs are used to give added force or a greater degree of certainty to another word. The manner of adverb indicates how something is done; as they are usually placed at the end of a sentence or before the main verb.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Adverb?

Synonyms Of Adverb Are:

  • limiter
  • modifier
  • qualifier

What Are The Antonyms Of Adverb?

Antonyms Of Adverb Are:

  • Not Available The Antonyms Of Adverb.

What Are The Related Words Of Adverb?

Related Words Of Adverb Are:

  • adjective
  • adverb
  • alterant
  • alterer
  • conditioner
  • transformer

What Is The Noun Form Of Adverb?

Noun Form Of Adverb Is:

  • Adverb

What Is The Verb Form Of Adverb?

Verb Form Of Adverb Is:

  • Adverbly

What Is The Adjective Of Adverb?

Adjective Of Adverb Is:

  • Adverb

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