What Is Meaning Of Artifacts? Find Out Meaning Of Artifacts.

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Artifacts Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Artifacts?

What Is Meaning Of Artifacts?

The Meaning Of Artifacts In English,

The meaning of artifacts refers to an object made by a human being or any person includes a tool or a decoration typically an item of cultural or historical interest.

Artifacts meaning is a combination of two Latin words i.e. art, meaning “by skill” and factum which means “to make.“The meaning of artifacts is an ornament or an object shaped by human workmanship, described as something crafted and also used by humans.

Artifacts include stone tools, pottery vessels, metal objects such as weapons, and items of personal adornment such as buttons, jewelry, and clothing.

Artifacts provide us with archaeological shreds of evidence and exist in our environment in many forms from stones to rocks in buildings. Archaeologists define the meaning of artifacts as anything that was the result of human activity.

So, the meaning of artifacts is defined as a thing produced or formed by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical importance.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Artifacts?

Synonyms Of Artifacts Are:

  • remainders
  • afterimages
  • artworks

What Are The Antonyms Of Artifacts?

Antonyms Of Artifacts Are:

  • Not Available The Antonyms Of Artifacts.

What Are The Related Words Of Artifacts?

Related Words Of Artifacts Are:

  • works of art
  • antiquities
  • manufactured goods
  • precipitates
  • structures

What Is The Noun Form Of Artifacts?

Noun Form Of Artifacts Is:

  • artifacts

What Is The Verb Form Of Artifacts?

Verb Form Of Artifacts Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Artifacts.

What Is The Adjective Of Artifacts?

Adjective Of Artifacts Is:

  • artifactual 

Examples Of Using The Word Artifacts Are:

  1. The disinterment of Roman artifacts reinforced the undergo power of such symbols.
  2. To upgrade the accuracy of that extrapolation, we place a high premium on finding improved algorithms that minimize discretization artifacts.
  3. As she so expressively writes, old Mesopotamian sites and artifacts are part of the fabric of her earliest memories.
  4. Among the most remarkable artifacts is the last remaining slab of the Rosetta Stone, circa 196 B.C., handed down to decipher old Egyptian language.
  5. If you’ve written off pistons and pushrods as out of date 20th-century artifacts, you’re ahead of the game.
  6. Public libraries rapidly became centralized depositories for important public texts and artifacts.
  7. Literally, a ton of stony was recovered from these units, involving 885 kg of debitage and debris and 25 kg of tools and artifacts.
  8. This took the form of block-based artifacts and some posterization of large regions where the same color was being supplied.
  9. Walkthrough the shows of artifacts and look at what Iroquonian life was like in the 17th century.
  10. Hundreds of old artifacts were stolen, involving manuscripts, gold crowns, crosses, and chaises.
  11. The conclusions keep the sharpness of bicubic interpolation while smoothing the isophotes to minimize jagged pixelization artifacts.


What’s An Example Of An Artifact?

Artifacts include art, tools, and clothing made by people of any time and place. The term can also be used to refer to the remains of an object, such as a shard of broken pottery or glassware.

What Are 5 Types Of Artifacts?

Tools, pottery, metal objects, weapons, jewelry, books, instruments, figurines, coins.

What Are The 3 Types Of Artifacts?

Artifacts can represent data or notes that describe the process, or they can be used to organize tasks or processes. There are three main types of artifacts: data objects, annotations, and groups.

Is The Bible An Artifact?

For Sommer, the Hebrew Bible is always both artifact and Scripture. He attempts to show that these conceptions not only undermine each other but also enrich each other. He argues that honestly acknowledging the artifactual side of Scripture can nuance and strengthen religious readings of the Bible.

What Does Artifacts Mean Evidence?

A piece of evidence, such as text or a reference to a resource, that is submitted to support a response to a question.

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