What Is Meaning Of Biopsy? Find Out Meaning Of Biopsy.

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Biopsy Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Biopsy?

What Is Meaning Of Biopsy?

The Meaning Of Biopsy In English,

The meaning of biopsy is defined as a procedure to remove a piece of tissue or a sample of cells from your body so that it can be analyzed in a laboratory or to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease.

Biopsy meaning involves a medical test generally performed by a surgical expert, image-guided therapy, or an interventional cardiologist involving taking out of sample cells or tissues for examination to determine the existence or extent of a disease.

The tissues are examined under a microscope to check for cancer cells or other abnormalities. The removed tissue during biopsy may be called a lesion, a tumor, or a mass.

Types of biopsies:

  • Needle biopsy
  • CT-guided biopsy.
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy
  • Bone biopsy
  • Bone marrow biopsy
  • Liver biopsy
  • Kidney biopsy
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Skin biopsy

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What Are The Synonyms Of Biopsy?

Synonyms Of Biopsy Are:

  • examination
  • operation
  • test
  • diagnostics
  • needle biopsy

What Are The Antonyms Of Biopsy?

Antonyms Of Biopsy Are:

  • idleness

What Are The Related Words Of Biopsy?

Related Words Of Biopsy Are:

  • physical examination
  • sampled
  • sampling
  • liver biopsy
  • health examination

What Is The Noun Form Of Biopsy?

Noun Form Of Biopsy Is:

  • Biopsy
  • Biopsies

What Is The Verb Form Of Biopsy?

Verb Form Of Biopsy Is:

  • biopsied
  • biopsying

What Is The Adjective Of Biopsy?

Adjective Of Biopsy Is:

  • Biopsic


Is Biopsy A Painful?

Needle biopsy carries a small risk of bleeding and infection at the site where the needle was inserted. Some mild pain can be expected after needle biopsy, though it is usually controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers.

What Is The Meaning Of Biopsy Test?

A biopsy is a medical procedure that involves taking a small sample of body tissue so it can be examined under a microscope. A tissue sample can be taken from almost anywhere on or in your body, including the skin, organs and other structures.

What Happens If A Biopsy Is Positive?

Generally, after a patient receives positive melanoma results, his or her doctors will need to proceed with staging the malignancy— which essentially means determining the extent of the cancer—and developing a treatment plan based on how far the cancer has progressed.

How Do You Know What Stage A Biopsy Is Cancer?

The biopsy results help your health care provider determine whether the cells are cancerous. If the cells are cancerous, the results can tell your care provider where the cancer originated — the type of cancer. A biopsy also helps your care provider determine how aggressive your cancer is — the cancer’s grade.

Is Having A Biopsy Serious?

The removal of tissue or cells for analysis is called a biopsy. While a biopsy may sound scary, it’s important to remember that most are entirely pain-free and low-risk procedures. Depending on your situation, a piece of skin, tissue, organ, or suspected tumor will be surgically removed and sent to a lab for testing.

Examples Of Using The Word Biopsy Are:

  1. A biopsy permits scientists to see at a sample of your cells under a microscope and carry out tests on the tissue.
  2. Urine cytology revealed transitional cells only, but a brush biopsy from the renal pelvis showed atypical cells.
  3. Reassurance also came in the sort of touch and physical closeness during the biopsy.
  4. Liver biopsy showed features most compatible with toxic or drug-induced liver damage.
  5. In two situations, a bone marrow trephine biopsy was also available for examination.
  6. We inspected only cervical biopsies in this study, and the conclusions obtained may not be generalizable to other biopsy types.
  7. Colonoscopy is preferable to a barium enema because it permits for the biopsy and removal of lesions.
  8. The mass was biopsied under ultrasound guidance on the second day of admission with 20 passes with a 25 gauge biopsy gun and sure-cut needle.
  9. As a result, the differential diagnosis in renal allograft biopsy is quite wide.
  10. Chemotherapy contrasts it to the size of an apricot, but David required a specialized biopsy to examine whether the tumor was still cancerous.
  11. One of the commonest causes for undertaking a biopsy is to form whether a tumor is malignant or benign.

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