What Is Meaning Of Coinsurance? Find Out Meaning Of Coinsurance.

Coinsurance Meaning & Definition

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What Is Meaning Of Coinsurance?

The Meaning Of Coinsurance In English

The meaning of coinsurance refers to a type of insurance in which the insured pays a share of the payment made against a claim. It means splitting or spreading of risk among multiple parties. It is in general expressed as a fixed percentage; an insured is obliged to pay against a claim after the deductible is satisfied.

The meaning of coinsurance term is mainly used in health insurance, where the insurer and insured splits the cost of health insurance between them. Thus, the meaning of coinsurance is defined as a type of policy in which the insured must bear a fixed or a set sum of loss in case of a claim; there is a combined assumption of risk; insurance in which the insured is duty-bound to maintain coverage on a risk at a stipulated percentage of its total value and also includes health insurance in which the insured is required to pay a fixed percentage after the deductible has been paid.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Coinsurance?

Synonyms Of Coinsurance Are:

  • Not Available The Synonyms Of Coinsurance.

What Are The Antonyms Of Coinsurance?

Antonyms Of Coinsurance Are:

  • Not Available The Antonyms Of Coinsurance.

What Are The Related Words Of Coinsurance?

Related Words Of Coinsurance Are:

  • Not Available The Related Words Of Coinsurance.

What Is The Noun Form Of Coinsurance?

Noun Form Of Coinsurance Is:

  • Coinsurance

What Is The Verb Form Of Coinsurance?

Verb Form Of Coinsurance Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Coinsurance.

What Is The Adjective Of Coinsurance?

Adjective Of Coinsurance Is:

  • Not Available The Adjective Of Coinsurance.

Examples Of Using The Word Coinsurance Are:

  1. The limit applies to the permitted amount since deductibles and coinsurance are paid.
  2. In conclusion, insurance policies, known as Medigap policies or Medicare supplement policies, are available to cover needed coinsurance payments, copayments, and deductibles.
  3. Out-of-network laboratories trust that relinquishing coinsurance may be one way to level the playing field.
  4. The MHPA still permits day limits for inpatient or outpatient care, higher conclusive or coinsurance, and restrictions on prescription drugs.
  5. This process works only with insurance plans that utilize coinsurance, where patients pay a part of their bills until they reach a maximum.
  6. Because coinsurance is a percentage of total costs, it can be strenuous to estimate and plan for in advance.
  7. Some health plans had been charging copayments or coinsurance when polyps were removed during the process.
  8. There is no mental health immediate online health insurance quote copay coinsurance for.
  9. We also study have pretentious marital from nursing homes copay coinsurance for.
  10. Even with health insurance, there will be costs such as conclusive and coinsurance fees.
  11. Make sure you understand what your approximated premiums are, the coinsurance coverage, and conclusive before you sign on the dotted line.
  12. Eliminated offers a huge variety of insurance plans covering a large spectrum of costs, coverage conclusive and coinsurance costs.

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