What Is The Meaning Of Administration? Find Out Meaning Of Administration.

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Administration Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Administration?

What Is The Meaning Of Administration?

The meaning of the term administration is that it is the process or activity of running a business, organization, etc. The management of public affairs or government can also be defined as administration. In simpler words, you can also define the term administration as arrangements and tasks needed to control the operation of a plan or organization.

The other words which can be synonymous with the term administration are management, commanding, control, conduct, regulation, leadership, guidance, government, cabinet, ministry, etc. The administration of anything is the procedure of organizing and supervising it. If it is the administration of the company or institution it is a group of people who organize and supervise it.

The term administration is mainly related to governmental issues. The term administration can be explained as any kind of work that includes the management and organization. There are various types of administrations including different kinds of works such as law administration, database administration, drug administration, land administration, network administration, system administration, etc.

all kinds of administrations include management and organizations but differ in their works and fields. The management of the organization also includes various administrations such as academic administration, arts administration, business administration, central administration, etc.

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Examples Of Using The Word Administration Are:

  1. On the 30th of November 1411 Chicheley, with two other prelates and three aristocrats and the -4 prince of Wales, curtsy to the king to collect public thanks for their administration.
  2. Equity as thus explained would coincide rather to the judicial circumspection which modifies the administration of the law than to the antagonistic system which claims to replace the law.
  3. All the officers of administration were shifted from Murshidabad to Calcutta, which Hastings bragged at this early date that he would make the first city in Asia.
  4. The whole duties of administration were agonized to remain in the hands of the nawab, while a few irresponsible English traders had drawn to themselves all actual power.
  5. The wazir of Oudh had fallen into indebtedness in the payment due for the maintenance of the Company’s force posted in his supremacy, and his administration was in great confusion.
  6. The conclusive success of Hastings’s administration alone postponed the unavoidable solution.
  7. After the time of Constantine, the administration of Sardinia was separated from that of Corsica, each and every island is commanded by a praeses defenseless on the vicarius Urbis Romae.
  8. The new administration was handled by Buckingham, in whose toleration and understanding principles Ashley applied to the full.


What Is The Meaning Of Administration In Management?

Administration, also referred to as business administration, is the management and application of the processes an office, business, or organisation. It involves the efficient and effective organisation of people, information, and other resources to achieve organisational objectives.

What Are The Three Types Of Administration?

Your choices are centralized administration, individual administration, or some combination of the two.

What Does Administration Mean In Work?

Administrators support the smooth running of offices by carrying out clerical tasks and projects. As an administrator in the construction industry, you could be organising project meetings. You’d be typing up documents, responding to business enquiries, drawing up contracts and providing customer service.

What Are The Four Types Of Administration?

Basic Functions of Administration: Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling – Educational Administration and Management [Book]

What Are Administrative Skills?

Ultimately, administrative skills are related to the running of a business and increasing office productivity. They include communication and organizational skills, as well as project management skills, bookkeeping skills, and time management skills.

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