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What Is Meaning Of Fraternity? Find Out Meaning Of Fraternity.

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meaning of Fraternity

Find Meaning Of Fraternity?

What Is Meaning Of Fraternity?

Meaning Of Fraternity In English, 

The meaning of Fraternity is a brother. The word Fraternity comes from the Latin term Frater, meaning brother. Today’s definition of Fraternity is the associate association of individuals (more usually than not all men) with similar interests or professions.

Meaning Of Fraternity
Its members often called Brothers (or sisters) about the close bond they share and the origin of the word. Most faculty fraternities have adopted Greek letters to spot their organizations, e.g., Sigma Chi Fraternity. However, organizations like Freemasons, which are rarely found on college campuses, are also grouped under the Fraternity umbrella.

Fraternities emerged for reasons that included shared housing and dining, socialization, and shared interests. Fellowships, correctly, regularly receive attention in the media for misdeeds, such as excessive alcohol use, sexual misconduct, and violent hazing.

However, these represent a little proportion of undergraduates within the system.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Fraternity?

Synonyms Of Fraternity Are:

  • brotherhood
  • fellowship
  • society
  • association

Synonyms Of Fraternity

What Are The Antonyms Of Fraternity?

Antonyms Of Fraternity Are:

  • sorority
  • terrorism
  • sisterhood

Antonyms Of Fraternity

What Are The Related Words Of Fraternity?

Related Words Of Fraternity Are:

  • union
  • company
  • club
  • league
  • circle
  • community
  • organization

Related Words Of Fraternity

What Is The Noun Form Of Fraternity?

Noun Form Of Fraternity Is:

  • Fraternity

What Is The Verb Form Of Fraternity?

Verb Form Of Fraternity Is:

  • fraternize
  • fraternise

What Is The Adjective Of Fraternity?

Adjective Of Fraternity Is:

  • fraternal

Example Of Using The Word Fraternity Are:

  1. Anyone who has been a representative of a club or fraternity will be familiarized with some of the letter names.
  2. Your fraternity brother’s chief reason for existing is to observe your use with style.
  3. By the way, if anyone discerns my boss, recall that the Republican scuzz bag thinks I’m on an island resort with my fraternity brothers.
  4. The whole thing makes me break out in a reckless not seen since the last time I went to a free tequila party at an aimless fraternity house.
  5. Sushma, of Bolton Woods, was a one-off, an incomparable character known both in and out of the house fraternity.
  6. Or for those little wealthy or talented enough, its a tight fraternity pretending itself to the outside world through art and culture.
  7. Space allows me to connect just two incidents that happened freshly to representatives of the running fraternity in Shimla.
  8. The event assurances to captivate the fraternity of adventure abnormality, spectators and participants.
  9. Hillwalkers clearly lack the kind of influence brandished by the hunting fraternity.
  10. He teaches himself the art of fraud, and his aptitude is in a request by the criminal fraternity.
  11. However, college masters still protested that fraternity men felt more loyalty to their frats than to their colleges.


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