What Is Meaning Of Holocaust? Find Out What is Meaning of Holocaust

Holocaust Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Holocaust?

What Is Meaning Of Holocaust?

Meaning Of Holocaust In English,

Meaning of Holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, primarily caused by fire or nuclear war. 

The term holocaust comes from the Greek word holokauston, associate degree animal sacrifice offered to a god during which the entire (holos) animal is totally burnt (kaustos).

For many years, the word “holocaust” was used in English to denote great massacres, but since the 1960s, the term has come to be used by scholars and famous writers to refer exclusively to the genocide of Jews.

The mini-series Holocaust means – is credited with introducing the term into common parlance after 1978. Holocaust means a specific event during a particular period of time.

The Holocaust was the bureaucratically organized race murder of roughly six million European Jews throughout war II. It means something like Fire Sacrifice

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What Are The Synonyms Of Holocaust?

Synonyms Of Holocaust Are:

  • carnage
  • catastrophe
  • devastation
  • extermination
  • genocide
  • mass murder

What Are The Antonyms Of Holocaust?

Antonyms Of Holocaust Are:

  • calm
  • unaggressive

What Are The Related Words Of Holocaust?

Related Words Of Holocaust Are:

  • massacre
  • slaughter
  • annihilation
  • extinction
  • immolation
  • inferno

What Is The Noun Form Of Holocaust?

Noun Form Of Holocaust Is:

  • holocaust

What Is The Verb Form Of Holocaust?

Verb Form Of Holocaust Is:

  • exterminate

What Is The Adjective Of Holocaust?

Adjective Of Holocaust Is:

  • deadly
  • sacrificial
  • crematory

Examples Of Using The Word Holocaust Are:

  1. We in the present stand powerless as, with the aid of survivors and surviving evidence, we look into the nightmarish deathscapes of the holocaust, unable to intercede.
  2. German forces again invaded the country on May 1940, and 40,690 Belgians, over half of them Jews, were murdered during the following profession and the holocaust.
  3. It involves massacres, the intentional genocide of the Holocaust, strategic bombing, famine, disease and the first use of nuclear weapons in history.
  4. If and when the persists Allied intercepts and deciphers are opened up, we may expect to learn a great allocates more about the later stages of the holocaust.
  5. Esperantists were murdered during the holocaust, with Zamenhof’s family in particular singled out for being murdered.
  6. Griffin then grossed a two-year suspended prison sentence for his views on the holocaust.
  7. The holocaust museum shows visitors a heart twisting view of what Jews went through during World War II.
  8. Holocaust remembrance project is an essay competition for high school students to encourage awareness about the holocaust.
  9. If it wasn’t, somebody would have gone back and saved the Titanic, averted the holocaust, and stopped the economic subsides of a couple of years ago.

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