What Is Meaning Of Mapped? Find Out Meaning Of Mapped

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Mapped Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Mapped?

What Is Meaning Of Mapped?

The meaning of the term mapped is, to represent an area on a map or to make a map of. The other words which are synonymous to the term mapped are a chart, plot, delineate, draw, depict, portray, survey, etc.

The activity or process of creating a picture or diagram that represents something is also called as mapped. There are various types of mapping such as cartography, gene mapping, brain mapping, data mapping, texture mapping, mind mapping, robotic mapping, spiritual mapping, projection mapping, etc. Where each type of mapping has different meanings.

For example, network mapping is the study of the physical connectivity of networks, while web mapping is the process of using the maps delivered by geographic information systems in the World Wide Web(www). Each point on the map is an article that refers to a location somewhere on the earth.

This could be a place, a geographic feature, the site of a historic event, a shipwreck or even a fictional island. So, the process of pointing any of the regions or areas on the map is called mapped.The record in detail the spatial distribution of something is also said to be mapped.

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Examples Of Using The Word Mapped Are:

  1. The scientist whose firm first mapped the human genetic has formed a company to produce life.
  2. Testing of these models needs that the spatial and temporal dispensation of strain and vorticity domains be mapped out across the block.
  3. Although scientists have now profitably mapped the human genetic, the next step is to make sense of it.
  4. We have mapped it by investigation of backcrosses and intercrosses between B6 mice and both affected strains.
  5. The orders of these three episodes were very interesting because three completely different strategies were mapped out for each day.
  6. It is mapped onto the limiter of the generic quantifier, hence an inductivist reading is accessible.
  7. Characteristics for the intention will be mapped out by high-ranking officials of the two countries, he added.
  8. Having formerly recorded on location, he knew what was needed and had mapped things out in detail earlier.
  9. The return path used a short section of the Ridgeway and then the footpath down a sheltered canyon and a short drift on newly mapped access land.
  10. The duly mapped portage streams were not a pathway out but a pathway into a hardly penetrable confusion of fallen trees and boot-swallowing slush.


What Does It Mean When Something Is Mapped?

: to delineate as if on a map. sorrow was mapped on her face. : to make a survey of for or as if for the purpose of making a map. d. : to assign (something, such as a set or an element) in a mathematical or exact correspondence.

What Is Mapping Give An Example?

Mapping applies to any set: a collection of objects, such as all whole numbers, all the points on a line, or all those inside a circle. For example, “multiply by two” defines a mapping of the set of all whole numbers onto the set of even numbers. A rotation is a map of a plane or of all of space into itself.

What Is A Sentence For Mapped?

English It has to be mapped out better than it is at the moment.

What Does It Mean To Map Something To Something?

DEFINITIONS1. (map something onto something) to connect one thing to another thing, for example as a way of understanding its meaning or structure.

What Is The Short Meaning Of Mapping?

noun. the act or operation of making a map or maps. Mathematics.

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