What Is Meaning Of Nephew? Find Out Meaning Of Nephew.

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Nephew Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Nephew?

What Is Meaning Of Nephew?

The meaning of the term nephew is a son of one’s brother or sister, or of one’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law. The opposite gender of the term nephew is “niece”. The nephew is the son of a person’s sibling while the niece is the daughter of the person’s sibling.

The term nephew is derived from the French word “neveu”. Anciently, a nephew was the reasonable recipient of his uncle’s benefaction if there was no son or daughter. The relationship of aunt or uncle to their nephew or a niece is an example of second-degree relatives, meaning that their coefficient of relationship is 25.

In the Old-English the nephew was called as the sister-son or a brother-son. The other words which can be synonymous with the term nephew are kinsman, great-nephew, grandnephew, etc.

There are also different types of quotes based on the nephew. You can also state the example as, cheerfulness is usually found in simple things, such as taking my nephew around the island via bicycle or viewing the stars at night. Or another quote can also be stated as, there is something so great about being with your nephew and, when you’re tired, just handing him off back to your sister, etc.

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Examples Of Using The Word Nephew Are:

  1. Fortunately, my nephew has made a whole recovery and recalls everything that happened before he passed out.
  2. And like his nephew, in upbringing, he was clearly taught the importance of humility and decency.
  3. In Norway, she was not only made ruler for life but her nephew, Eric of Pomerania, was admitted as the lawful heir.
  4. An impudent stranger makes an unexpected appearance in Tara’s house asserting to be her illegitimate nephew.
  5. Though Kaumai was ‘Aukele’s nephew they were near to age and waved and boxed together.
  6. She expressed her desire that her gifted nephew would be an envoy of civilization to the wild colonies.
  7. She laughed and Eddie chortled at her fond recollections of her mischievous nephew.
  8. He almost becomes one of the family, cheerfully going out wagering with her dopey, reprobate nephew.
  9. He is wholeheartedly regretted by his wife Mary, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, niece, nephew, relatives, neighbors and friends.
  10. By this means a brief taste of this fine book on the art of suborning humans as described in the letters of a senior charmer to his nephew Wormwood.
  11. My brother bought a kite for my niece and nephew and they connected in the fun.


Is Nephew A Boy Or Girl?


Your parents’ brothers and sisters are your uncles and aunts. If you are female, you are their niece. If you are male, you are their nephew. Both niece and nephew come from the Latin word nepotem.

What Do I Call My Sister’s Son?

nephew. a son of your brother or sister, or a son of your husband’s or wife’s brother or sister. Their daughter is called your niece.


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