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What Is Meaning Of Virgin? Find Out Meaning Of Virgin

by Altaf Shaikh
meaning of virgin

Find Meaning Of Virgin?

What Is Meaning Of Virgin?

The Meaning Of Virgin In English,

The meaning of a virgin is that the person has never had any sexual intercourse before in his or her life, it is the meaning in general terms. But when a virgin is specified with some other word, it simply means that the person has not experienced the particular activity before ever in his or her life, or will experience it later or sooner.

Meaning Of Virgin

Virgin means something unexploited, inexperienced and nor processed. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of the virgin which can help you to know the term easier, the synonyms areas: untouched, unprocessed, pure, inexperienced, new, untarnished and the list goes on.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Virgin?

Synonyms Of Virgin Are:

  • virginal
  • pure
  • untouched
  • immaculate
  • maiden

Synonyms Of Virgin

What Are The Antonyms Of Virgin?

Antonyms Of Virgin Are:

  • wicked
  • evil
  • corrupt
  • sexual
  • bad

Antonyms Of Virgin

What Are The Related Words Of Virgin?

Related Words Of Virgin Are:

  • pristine
  • innocent
  • unspoiled
  • immaculate
  • Virgo

Related Words Of Virgin

What Is The Noun Form Of Virgin?

Noun Form Of Virgin Is:

  • Virgin

What Is The Verb Form Of Virgin?

Verb Form Of Virgin Is:

  • virginally
  • originally

What Is The Adjective Of Virgin?

Adjective Of Virgin Is:

  • virginal


Examples Of Using The Word Virgin Are:

  1. Made from a combination of virgin wool, acrylic, and polyester, this tunic will surely yield a suitable fit.
  2. The gentleness, strength and visual aspect of tissues are utilized as key reasons to clarify the use of virgin forest wood fibers.
  3. It is an area overweight with the thick woods and rocky terrain of a widely virgin Arctic rain forest.
  4. Brush with extra virgin olive oil and place on the bottom of huge, shallow soup plates or pasta plates before ladling the soup on top.
  5. And, yes, he did seem gentle than a virgin ice rink with his zoot suit, his spats, his furry purple fedora, and his dark, smoking cigarette.
  6. His earliest remembrance is those of broad forests, wild animals and of the riveting photos of virgin Nature.
  7. We have a lot of our own vegetables, our own extra virgin olive oil and we freshly bought a small vineyard, so create our own table wine.
  8. This tournament soil may be a virgin region for the team and the city, but the player has been here before.
  9. Later, she is represented as a rather frumpy vestal virgin or as a graceful but staid matron mildly working on her embroidery.


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